Concord and 9th April Guest :: Fringe Frenzy!

I'm on a roll here with posts, you guys!  This month, I have the opportunity to be a guest for Concord and 9th and it's such a thrill!  They sent me so much fun stuff, including the new Fringe Frenzy kit, which, I mean, I LOVE TO FRINGE!

While we are focused on a special kit today, there are some other products releasing now and they are all awesome--I feel so lucky to be their guest this month!  All products are available for purchase in their shop right now so after you've visited their blog to get the scoop (and don't miss the blog posts of their other guests, too!), be sure to check out their store.

The first release is their new kit--Fringe Frenzy--and it is so awesome!  I seriously could have made a gazillion projects with it because I LOVE to fringe things!  There are several dies--including a great die for fringing, of course--plus some extras like different shapes you can add the fringe to.  The theme of the kit is celebrations and parties and I love every bit of it!  The kit even comes with 15- 6" x 6" sheets of lightweight paper in beautiful colors, so I used that for all of my cards.

On the first one, I created a background of gray fringe (it takes roughly 12 strips of fringe, or 2 sheets of the 6x6 paper to cover a 4.25" x 5.5" card base).  I substituted one gray strip for an accent of yellow paper, ruffling the fringe for instant dimension.  Then, with yellow and white papers, I created the fringed YAY.  There are small word dies that say 'hip' and 'hooray' so I cut out 'Hip Hip Hooray' and adhered each letter to the yellow strip.

The last touch was a metallic gold bow to bring in a little shine.  This is a great card for a male or a female, I think--my 8 year old son really liked it and told me, "you're good at making cards," after he saw it, so when you get the stamp of approval from a boy who only loves cars and Diary of a Wimpy Kid, that's a good thing!

For the second card, I took a 4" x 4" base and stamped the confetti all over it.  There's a curved lined stamp that I used as the handle for a gift bag, stamping it in black.  The kit comes with a small rectangle that you can use for different things--a birthday cake or gift box as 2 examples.  I used it as the gift bag, covering it with strips of fringed teal paper.

I cut out the long banner in white card stock and gold glitter paper, stamping 'It's your day' on the white and layering them on the right side of the gift bag. I also cut out a bitty white tag (included with the kit) and tied some pink jute to it.  I opted not to stamp anything on the tag and just used it as a layer over the banners.  I did put a little yellow bow on the left of the bag, though.  I'd love to receive a gift bag that was all fringy, how about you?

My last card is another 4" x 4" card covered in teal fringe strips.  I used 9 strips to cover the front and again, it's all about the ruffling!  Next, I made a layer of scalloped fringe in red by just covering a scrap of cardstock.  I used 13 strips for that, but the strips are adhered much closer together.  It's easy to make the scallops since the edger is included in the kit.  Simply cut a regular fringe strip, than align the scallop edge die with the bottom of your fringe and run it through your die cutting machine again.

Next, I cut out a heart in gold glitter paper--the heart die is included in the kit; the glitter paper is from my own stash.  Last, I tied some metallic thread around the top.

My favorite thing about these cards is that they're sneakily minimal.  The fringe backgrounds and ruffles give the impression that there is a lot going on, but really, they're quite simple.

You can head to Concord and 9th for a look at all the new releases and get a detailed look at the contents of the Fringe Frenzy kit--there's a video!  Trust me--you will love this kit!  I also need to let you know that the kit comes with an awesome roll of 1/4" double sided tape that you can tear off (instead of having to cut it with scissors) and use to adhere your fringe strips.  I mention it because it's VERY convenient!

I'll be back here on Friday with my post on one of the other awesome stamp and die sets that are releasing this month; in fact, I'll be back every Friday in April!  Woo-hoo!  My blog has never known so much posting!


  1. eek! SO FUN! I can't wait until my Fringe Frenzy arrives! I will be fringing all the things! Easter cards, watch out! I see a fringed egg making its way to the basket soon....maybe a fringed basket!

    Thanks for the inspiration, Rebecca!


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