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Ink to Paper :: Transformation Tuesday

During Ink to Paper's June release, one of my favorite cards I made was covered in orange and yellow balloons.  It was a simply stamped piece with the focus being the background design comprised of the balloons.  I decided to revisit that card today for Transformation Tuesday and kick it up a notch with die cuts and a new orientation.

The original card was a 4" square, and generally a single layer if you discount a few sequins and the sentiment embossed on vellum.  After stamping and die cutting several balloons in the same original colors (which are stamped-off to achieve the lighter colors), I lay them out on 4" white panel.  Since I didn't intend for this card to be only one layer, I adhered each balloon with a 3-D foam dot to get the desired dimensional effect.

The balloons on the edges hung over the white panel so I trimmed each one, making it flush with the panel border.  Instead of sequins for detail this time, I would a length of coral thread around the ballo…

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