Spellbinders :: July Card Kit, Part One

Hey all!  Goodness, it's been an unsettling few days here in Southern California...those earthquakes have literally got me rattled.  They took place a good ways from where we live, but we felt them here, and they are a jarring reminder that The Big One may happen at any time.  I didn't grow up in CA so I don't think I'll ever get used to anything that makes the ground shake.

On a happier note, allow me to introduce the Spellbinders  July Card Kit!  It's called Shellebrate and it's all about the ocean--shells, bubbles, starfish, and mermaids!  It comes complete with dies to create and customize your own mermaids, and there are also foam stickers, a paper pad, die cuts, a stamp set, and so much more!  Here's a look at all that comes in the kit:

All of my cards today feature the entire kit and a mermaid I've created with the dies.  Tomorrow's post will highlight items from the kit add-ons, the extras included with the kit that you can also purchase separately.

For the first card, I went all out and created a mermaid that uses all the detailed dies--the fish tail with the cut out pattern, the facial pieces, the flowers for her hair...they're easy to put together and I used a mix of patterned paper from the paper pad, and cardstock that's included with the kit.  There are also some seaweed tendrils and I used some of the die cuts for my sentiment.

My second card features a brunette mermaid and a 'No bad days' die cut.  My favorite thing about her is the little bows in her hair, which I made with the waist detail piece for the mermaid tail.  I flipped them upside down and put some adhesive jewels in their centers.  (Those are also included in the kit!)

My third mermaid has fashionably purple hair and she's waving 'hello'!  The great thing about the mermaids is that even the arms are separate dies so you can position them how you'd like--in this case, one of them is up in the air.

Finally, my last isn't a mermaid at all, but a a shining girl wearing an upside down shell die cut that I turned into a fancy skirt.  She's got all kinds of shiny, sparkly details, and she truly was 'born to shimmer'!  You can be creative with the mermaid dies--and if you've no need to make the actual mermaid, turn her into a party girl (or any type of girl) instead!

Tomorrow, I'll have another post with cards that still have mermaids on them, but those lovelies weren't made with the dies...

You can find all of the Card Kit Membership information HERE (This link is the same for each monthly kit).  You can find the Add-Ons HERE (just look for SHELLEBRATE in the product title!).  Information about the Spellbinders clubs can be found HERE.  If you have any questions I can help you with, please feel free to leave a comment and I'll do my best to get an answer to you :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!