washi clothespins, part two

i'm back today with part two of my washi-covered clothespins spread.  if you missed part one on Friday, which was how i made them, you can see it here.  today's post will be short on words and heavy on photos...i don't know if you'll think that's a good thing or a bad thing!

those are some of the sets i made and what i wanted to show you today was how i packaged them up.  

i'll be putting these sets up in my Etsy Shop and i like to wrap up each item i sell, just as an extra touch.  i kept them simple, using a small glassine bag, more washi, and a few little embellishments.

i definitely wanted the washi on the packaging to work well with the washi on the clothespins since the glassine bags are see-through.

this gray lace and gray polka dot tape matched many of the sets i made so i ended up using it a few times.  then i just added a simple white tag with a tiny aqua heart, a butterfly punched from vellum paper, and a sequin.  the word "enjoy!" typed on vellum is the finishing touch.   very simple, but pretty, and my customers can reuse the packaging if they'd like to.  

if you are thinking of making these yourself, they'd make great gifts for your crafty friends or anyone who just likes pretty things.  my sister loved my previous post about them.  she had just bought a bunch of plain clothespins to use in my nieces' room for hanging their school art on strips of ribbon.  i don't think she had thought of decorating them but after reading my post, she couldn't wait to go out and get some washi tape and cover the bare clips right away!  if you have a friend who isn't so crafty, they might enjoy a package of these for picture hanging, also.  add some magnets to the backs of them and use them on the 'fridge or magnetic bulletin boards.  they're also great for clipping cards and tags to presents or gift bags.  

i hope i've given you something fun to think about and that you'll try these for yourself.  they're just so easy but so pretty, too.  and, like i said Friday, endless possibilities!

well, that wraps up my washi-covered clothespins.  if you're not into making them yourself, mine are for sale in my Etsy shop.  most styles are up and i'll be adding at least 2 more later this week.  also later in the week...it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!