happy birthday, Mr. Bagubian!

Dear Mr. Bagubian,
You are the light of your father's and my life.  We are in awe of and amazed by you on a daily basis.  There is no end to the pleasure we take in listening to you sing "Wheels On the Bus" in your sweet, tiny voice for the millionth time...to hearing your infectious giggle when we've done something silly to provoke it...to greeting you in the mornings when you are so pleased to see us that you just bury your face in our necks for a snuggle...to watching you "rocking out" to whatever we happen to be playing on the iPod in the car.

You are a complete joy, Augustus James, with your beautiful, inquisitive, big brown eyes and your sweet, sweet smile, and your ever-busy small hands.

We were blessed 2 years ago today when you entered our lives and we look forward to watching you grow and change and keep us mesmerized for years to come.  Thank you for being a riot!  
Happy Birthday, Buddy!
We love you so much,
Mommy & Daddy

forgive my sappy letter to my little Birthday boy...but i had to do it and i meant every word.  he's 2 years old today and the time has gone by so fast.  it doesn't seem possible that he's a "big boy" and doing all of the remarkable things that he does.  we never could have imagined how much our lives would change for the better when we met him 2 years ago.  and we certainly had no idea how often he would make us laugh!

the other night at dinner, we were trying to get him to finish his macaroni and cheese--which he undoubtedly loves.  but he didn't want to finish it and so he said, "it's gross.  it's so gross."  Hoss and i just had to laugh.  he's never said that before but he used the word "gross" correctly and he's always surprising us with things like that.  he's a funny kid.

this is the card that i made him for his birthday.

 the second card, with the little boy on the tricycle is an extra one i made to have on hand or to put in the Etsy shop.

most of the embellishments, like the flash cards, measuring tag, and all of the papers are from Crate Paper's Little Boy Blue collection.  the tiny tag you see above the stamped "happy birthday" flag is punched from a Sleigh Ride scrap.

well, Mr. Bagubian, your daddy and i do love you so, so much and are so pleased that you are a part of our lives.  you make every day a joy and you really are growing up so fast!