happy halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone!  are you ready for passing out candy or taking your little ones out trick-or-treating tonight?  we are taking our mini skeleton out trick-or-treating with friends.  he had fun last year when he was one so we're expecting that he'll have even more fun this year.

we took Mr. Bagubian to the Tanaka Farms Pumpkin Patch on Monday afternoon and he loved it!  we took a tractor-wagon ride, made our way through a corn maze, and took a walk through the pumpkin patch.  

unfortunately, we didn't actually get a pumpkin!  there just weren't that many good ones left.  they have been sitting out in the hot California sun all month--and October has been very hot--so a lot of them were soft or already rotten.

we also were not going to have a chance to carve it before tonight so we skipped it.  next year, we'll get our act together and go pumpkin hunting earlier in the season.

but Gooby had a good time anyhow.  he kept trying to lift them up but they were pretty heavy for him.

he was very intrigued by all of the "scar-a-crows", too.

he did pretty well in the corn maze, leading us through, and saying "hi, corn" to all of the corn stalks.

and he even stopped (briefly) to pose for a photo with Mommy.

Hoss took this photo with his iPhone.  we were bouncing along on the wagon ride so it's not super-sharp, but i love Mr. Bagubian's face here so i had to share it!

i'll leave you with this photo i took on my phone.  i used the very cool Snapster app to edit it.  we got the sun in a lot of our pictures because it was late afternoon and i love the impact that it has on the subjects of the photos. 

whatever you're doing tonight, be safe and have a great Halloween!  


  1. Ok I'll try to comment again. I love the pumpkin patch pictures. I just love how happy Gus looks all the time. That is a testament to loving parenting. Let's see if this comment shows up. (I know it was something I was doing. I would post and it would seem like it was fine and then I'd go back and it wouldn't be there. )

  2. Yay! It worked! We're pretty lucky that Gus is so happy-go-lucky (although now that he's two he's slightly less so!). But he was having a great time at the pumpkin patch. Thanks for re-trying to comment!


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