thrifty thursday ... Daiso goodies

i recently took a trip to a new Japanese store that opened in our area.  it's called Daiso and they have thousands of items from housewares to food to crafts.  the best part is that everything is only $1.50! you could go nuts and come away with bags and bags full of stuff you don't need, but i think we did okay.  with the low prices here, i thought these goodies would make a great Thrifty Thursday post--something i haven't done in months.

this is such a cute notebook--i'm a sucker for them and am actually using it for blog notes.

3 balls of hemp twine for $1.50?  OK!  

those word cards are small grid sheets (2.5" x 1.25") that it seems you write words on (duh!)--maybe for flashcards?  i'm not exactly sure what you're supposed to do with them but i knew i had to have them anyway!  and they come 3 to a pack so i have an endless supply, even better.
and a cute little pin frog?  yes, please!

isn't this pouch adorable?  i got a couple little makeup bags;  you can see the other one in the very first picture. 

i mainly got this tiny sewing kit for the lovely tin but the contents were just a bonus.  i love the colors and floral pattern on the tin.  it would be perfect for housing a set of handmade mini cards, don't you think?

i also got some short bamboo skewers that are perfect for making little flags, and some thick, aqua cotton thread--or, "cotton lace yarn," as they call it.

  i don't think we had better go back to Daiso too often as we could end up spending lots and lots of money on things we don't really need.  but it's one of those places that's definitely fun to visit every few months.  

happy Thursday, friends!  we're in for some mild weather today and i am so, SO ready for it.