pink & gold goodness, part one

hey there, everyone!  it's time to break out another fun gift wrap kit!  i've been working on this, literally, for months!  i started it back before Nemy was born and if you're sharp, you'll remember from my last post that she just turned 5 months old!  the kit isn't enormous or anything, but i am pretty excited about it so i really wanted to put on a good presentation for you...that's where the hold up has been!

so, finally, here it is...

it's all about pink and gold!  it's soft, it's shiny, it's's incredibly feminine and romantic.  pink and gold are beautiful together and i think this gathering of small finds highlights that well.  

this kit was the basis for these clothespins, which made their debut in the Etsy shop way, way back in February, i think!  most everything here is handmade, or has a handmade aspect to it.  pretty much any time i thought of something gold or pink, i added it to this kit (another reason for the hold up :)

there are so many little things in here that i wanted to show each piece close up so you really get an idea of what's included. the first few items speak for themselves (with the help of a little Photoshop texting!)

if you've been a regular follower of my blog, you may remember these bird tags from may also remember i said this kit was going to be available by the end of March.  oh, boy...better late than never?

specially made confetti bags!

one of my favorite pieces here...i painted this wood tag gold and then covered the front with a wide piece of washi from Cavallini.  here, i've paired it with a mini clothespin, also painted gold.

and my other favorite pieces, these paper flags.  they're decorated with gold washi and lace swatches.

3 different sizes of clothespins...

and because i love sweet packages...

i have a few samples of how i've put this kit to good use.  those photos are waiting to be edited, but fingers crossed, part two of this showcase will be up Monday or Tuesday, followed by the kit listed on Etsy.  i do hope you'll come back!


  1. After seeing day 2, I had to pop over to day 1. simply gorgeous!


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