from there to here...a layout

our sweet little Nemy-news (yet another nickname we've christened her with)...i don't do too many layouts but for the most recent Crate Paper Creative Weekly theme, i made one all about our Nems.  it's kind of amazing, the journey we all take from conception to birth; it's truly a miracle.

the theme this month was navy blue and sequins.  i've been seeing quite a bit of navy in recent scrapbook collections, and Crate's new lines are no exception.  i know i'm not the only one who's been using a lot of sequins these days, either...they're definitely making a huge comeback.

  i used mostly Maggie Holmes's original line for this one, though the pink heart paper is from her new one.  i wanted to use the canvas photo frames from the original.  i've never really used them, but they worked so well on this project.  the small sentiment flags, like "adorbs" and "oh, happy day" are from MH's Flea Market

when planning this page out, i knew i wanted to have a few lines of sequins at the top and bottom.  i didn't do 3 full lines because i didn't want to overwhelm the page with bling!  i did glue them down before stitching because it made it easier to hand-stitch since they were already in place.

i remember being pregnant with Nemy and how different it was from being pregnant with Mr. Bagubian.  the difference being, i hardly ever thought about being pregnant.  with Mr. B, it was ALL i thought of and could tell you how far along i was down to the day.  about 6 months into my pregnancy with Nems, someone asked me how many months i was and i didn't know!  i had to think about it and do the math.  it seemed to go by so fast, too, compared to the first one.  on top of that, we didn't want to find out the sex of the baby.  i had something like 8 ultrasounds (compared to 2 with Gooby) during that time which made it kind of difficult to be surprised as we sweated each one out hoping the technician wouldn't let it accidentally slip out.  one of them did, early on, but she told us that she had 3 daughters so every baby is a "she" to her.  we chose to believe her story and remain surprised until the end.

another thing about layouts, i always choose the wrong color pen when i do any hand-writing.  i should just stick with black from now on.  oh, well, live & learn.

i have a question for you scrappers out there:  WHAT DO YOU DO WITH YOUR LAYOUTS???  i seriously don't know what to do with mine.  i don't really have a good place to put them.  i'm not an unsentimental person by any means, but i don't think i want to have a dozen albums full of layouts.  i hope that doesn't sound offensive--i really just don't have room for them in my house.  is that what you do with yours--put them in albums?  if you know of anything better to do with them, please tell me; i'd love to hear.

enjoy the rest of your weekend!