for July's Creative Weekly theme over on the Crate Paper blog, we were kind of given the freedom to choose our own theme.  "celebrations" was mentioned as a direction, and then we had to find an inspiration photo and create a project based on it.  i chose to celebrate simplicity (and kites!). 

{Frosted Petticoat Blog}
{Frosted Petticoat Blog}
i found these gorgeous photos on the Frosted Petticoat Blog.  i know that it's funny to be talking about celebrating simplicity when this beautiful wedding looks like there was probably a whole lot of planning that went into creating it, but the idea of it, to me, is laid back, fun, and simple.

i love the kites and the theme of their wedding, "come fly with me." kites will always remind me of my grandparents who vacationed in Myrtle Beach and flew their kites on the beach there every year.  my Grandma Peg, in particular, was always someone i thought of as being young at heart...she was still ice skating well into her 60's, got her first tattoo in her late 80's (a tiny heart on her wrist), and got the whole family caught up in the whole Beanie Baby craze!  she was a fun lady, to be sure! 

with my inspiration photos and Grandma Peg in mind, i decided to celebrate simplicity.  i think it's underrated, often shunned in favor of biggerbettermore.  i admittedly fall for biggerbettermore now and then--it's hard not to sometimes.  but it's also nice to sit back, relax, and enjoy the little things.  i love it when my 5 month old laughs--really laughs--and most of the time, it's Mr. Bagubian who makes her laugh.  there is nothing better than that!  it's such a simple thing, but it's one of the most amazing things that happens in my daily life.  i want to celebrate that.  

the doilies against a light blue background in the "Cotton Candy" paper from The Pier reminded me of clouds in the sky, and were the perfect backdrop for kites and hot air balloons.     

reach, fly, soar...when you're a kid, it's so easy to believe that anything is possible.  i think i will probably end up using kites, and those three words, when decorating the kids' bedroom. this project was inspiring for me on so many different levels and i want Mr. B and Nemy to be inspired and encouraged, too, as they get older.  i want to teach them that anything is possible!

i kept the cards somewhat simple, too, and not overwhelmed by details and embellishments.  like i mentioned in my last post, i love heavily detailed work, but i also think there's room for simpler projects, too.  i didn't want the message nor the focal points to be lost in the midst of a dozen layers, bits, and razzle-dazzle! 

okay, okay, the gold glitter Thickers definitely fit the razzle-dazzle bill, but i mean to draw attention to the words so it's totally alright! 

we're in the midst of a very nice, very simple weekend at our house.  we're getting a little work done, enjoying the kids, and taking it easy.  i hope you're having a nice weekend, too!  how do you celebrate "simplicity?"

p.s. i want to leave you with a little sneak peak at what's coming up next week...i've been working on it for so long and i can't to share it with you!