happy 5 months, Nemy!

i'm popping in very late and very quickly on this Monday night.  my little baby turned 5 months old today; it's so hard to believe that she's growing so fast!  i forget how tiny she was when she was born--and how much hair she had!  she's pretty happy, though, because getting older means she can do this...


and Mr. Bagubian's pretty happy she's getting older, too, because soon she'll be able to play with his Hot Wheels and monster trucks.  he's such a loving big brother; it kinda makes my heart melt.  

happy 5 months, Nemy! you've made every day just a little bit brighter, Anemone Sunshine!  we love you!

and for something crafty...i'm hoping to be able to share what these photos are all about by Wednesday or Thursday...

 thanks for stopping by, friends!


  1. I keep telling mine to slow down and they just don't listen... I can't believe 5 months has passed so quickly!


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