snippets #1: heart & home tags

welcome to the first installment of a new series i'm calling snippets.  i don't always have time to write long, project-heavy blog posts, but the alternative to that has been going several days weeks without posting at all.  since i hate to go so long in between posts, i thought i'd try something different.

july found me knee-deep in projects and struggling a little bit to balance all of the plates i was spinning.  somehow, though, my ideas never stopped coming and instead, it was like my mind was in overdrive with all of the new things i suddenly had the notion to create.  when the idea for a new project or favorite color combination struck, sometimes i would write it down, and other times i put a few pieces together and took a photo for later, when life isn't so busy.

snippets is a feature dedicated to those things--new concepts, inspiring design ideas, colors, patterns, and favorite things.  snippets are meant to be short posts that don't take me long to produce.  you'll get to see more of what inspires, excites, and drives me, and i'll get to post more often.   

today's snippet is about simple little homespun tags.  i love cards and tags that have many layers and elements and look like they must have taken the designer hours to create.  but i also love simple projects that can be whipped up in a couple of minutes but still make a big statement.  that's what's going on here.

a couple of weekends ago, we visited some friends who recently bought their first home.  i just happened to be working on my Close Knit cards right before that so when it came time to make a gift tag for them, i remembered these sweet little houses.  they are wood embellishments from Close Knit, and when adhered to a simple white strung tag, they're so cute, you don't need to add anything else.  

the white yarn tag is just a simple thing, also.  it took about one minute to create, but i think it will be something i end up replicating often during the holidays this year.

 so there you go...short and sweet.  i can't wait for the next one!