a fond farewell?

hey there!  i'm popping in today with a few cards for you.  i don't know if you saw or not, but Crate Paper revealed 3 new collections last week on their blog and they are amazing!!  Close Knit, Bundled Up, and Flea Market by Maggie Holmes are full of gorgeous colors, vintage images, and trendy embellishments that i, for one, can't wait to put to good use!  if you haven't had a look for yourself yet, be sure to RUSH over to the blog and check them all out.

i was lucky enough to have had bits and pieces of each one in my hot little hands for the last couple of weeks and i spent the bulk of that time creating cards like a madwoman!  i have a few sneak peeks today and will show you my entire ensemble over the weekend.

with the new collections set to take front and center in my craft studio, it means it's time to shuffle Party Day, The Pier, Maggie Holmes (original), and DIY Shop to the back of the stash.  (although, i have already decided DIY Shop will stay put, up front!)  so today, i have 3 cards featuring those lines as a bit of a fond farewell.

as i said, i plan to keep on using the heck out of DIY Shop.  so really, there's no need to say goodbye to it, but here's a lovely card showcasing it, simply because it's one you haven't seen yet. :)  

this card might be cheating a bit since it's not all CP.  i made this for Hoss for Father's Day.  he's really the camera buff in this house and if not for him, i wouldn't have a fantastic DSLR to work with.  he liked the card a lot--i was worried he'd baulk at the pink resin camera, but i reminded him that he has a new baby girl so pink is a reality in our lives now, and he has accepted it.

the large blue camera is from The Pier and the two cameras on top are actually from Acorn Avenue (remember that line from last year?).  The other cameras are from different Studio Calico kits.  i guess this doesn't really count as a fond farewell card, either...plus, i still kinda like The Pier and have a few more ideas for it.

lastly, a card using Party Day.  i loved that balloon photo from the ephemera pack, as well as the bright yellow background paper.    together, they make a cute little birthday card.  i've been making a lot of 4x4 cards lately--it's such a great size!

speaking of Party Day...i remember thinking when this collection came out how great it was that it had so many possibilities for little boys' birthdays.  Mr. Bagubian will be turning 3 in October (yikes!) so i'm sure i'll be revisiting Party Day before then.  hmmm...this post is not turning out to be a farewell at all!

i don't have a card from the original Maggie Holmes collection today, but considering that my last post was a whole lotta MH, i don't feel too badly about that!  however, i will leave you with this sneak peek at my card from the new line...(loving the navy blue and pink!)

come back this weekend for the entire card, as well as my pieces from Close Knit and Bundled Up.  thanks for stopping in...have a lovely Friday!


  1. DIY Shop NEVER gets old for me!!!! LOVE every card in this post!


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