Close Knit cards

evening, all!  it's a little late, but as promised, i have the first batch of cards from the new Crate Paper releases for you tonight.  the first collection i'll share is Close Knit.  you can click here to see the collection in its entirety. 

my first card is a pretty good representation of the colors in the collection.  don't you love them?!  yellow, gray, peachy pink, dark brown...they're so rich and are making me excited about fall!  (i'm sorry!  i know it's only the middle of summer, but...)  

i think this wood grain chevron paper is going to be hugely popular!  i was drawn to it with one look and this was the first card i made.  i'm also loving the chipboard shapes, like those flowers, that are in this line.  

after all of the color, layers, and embellishments on the last card, i wanted to change up the next one with a lot of white space.  except for the wood tones, this camera-centric card is all red, white, and blue.  it's a completely different look. 

i've been using this envelope template a lot lately and thought the camera paper would make an awesome envelope.  

more of the rich yellow here...i decided a few weeks ago that yellow is officially my favorite color!  the yellow in Close Knit is such a gorgeous shade of it--and doesn't it look beautiful with the dark wood grain?  i'll be honest; at first i wasn't too keen on the darker wood, but somehow, that shade found itself on each and every one of these projects, and now of course, i'm totally smitten!

this is a wonderfully put together collection of goods with a homespun, familial feel to them.  if you like notions (thread spools, buttons, etc), fabric, and stitching--especially embroidery--you'll adore Close Knit!  and if it's family, hearts, and home that you're into, this is the collection for you!     

this was the last card i came up with and ended up being my favorite.  i tried several different directions here and just when i was about to throw in the towel, these pieces came together and i was so pleased with the results.

see?  there's that dark wood grain again in the flower.  i totally love it!

that's it for Close Knit...i hope these cards have gotten you excited for this upcoming release!  i'm definitely looking forward to spending this autumn with it!
tomorrow i'll have my projects from Bundled Up and Flea Market for you.  have a good night!


  1. That last card is my favorite, too. The gorgeous dark wood grain against the white is a stunning visual contrast.


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