good day, sunshine!

good evening, blog friends!  the last couple of weeks have had me going nonstop!  and on top of that, Nemy has decided that she doesn't want to sleep much anymore.  she's always been a great sleeper, too, so this transition has been rough.  she turned 4 months old last Friday...she's growing up so fast!

we painted the kids' room over the weekend and love how it turned out!  Hoss was off for 5 days and somehow, it took that long to paint one room--and we didn't even have time to do the trim or put up the new blinds!  but, that was also the start of the baby not wanting to sleep or be put down so that had a lot to do with it.

the room needed to be neutral since we'll have a boy and a girl sharing it once Nemy's a little older.  we chose a citrusy orange and a grayish-taupe for the walls; i think Nemy approves!

Anemone Sunshine...Nemy Lemons...Lemony-Nemone...all of her nicknames are perfect for this color!

i honestly don't know why i keep making hello cards.  {i'm not nearly this friendly and extroverted!}  i think i just have a lot of fun embellishments that say hello and they always seem to fit whatever color scheme i'm working with.

there are a few Crate products here, used randomly; plus a hodgepodge from other companies like Echo Park, American Crafts, and one of the Studio Calico monthly kits--February maybe.

the orangy-yellow pieces i used here match the kids' bedroom walls pretty well...i might need to make something fun for the room, but i'm still trying to pick a theme for them.

and now here's a card that could have been made specially for Anemone Sunshine.  it wasn't actually, but the "good day sunshine" sentiment certainly fits.

 i used mostly The Pier collection from CP, which has lots of light peachy/sand shades in it.  i've definitely had a thing for those peachy oranges and creams lately.  someday--at this rate it will be weeks or months from now {or maybe never:)}--i want to make a mini album using those colors, featuring the baby. 

i loved the "Sunscreen" paper from The Pier the first time i saw it and i've had a piece laying out for a couple months, waiting to be used.  the "good day sunshine" accent card had to be used and when i put a couple of DIY Shop paper scraps together with the "Sunscreen" paper and the accent card, i loved what i saw.

i also love all of the pinwheels from The Pier.  the one i used here has that great bit of gold glitter and the star, both of which tied in with the coral resin star and the gold sequin accents.

okay, kids.  time for this Mama to get some rest!  please be sure to check in bright and early Friday morning...i've got a big, fun surprise for you!  g'night!