today i'm thankful for...

hey, there!  how is everyone doing today?  i'm sick!  i have a strange cold that's doing just enough to make me feel sleepy and unmotivated.  it's strange because it has come on so slow.  it started out as a sore throat last Sunday, went away on Monday, and then came back with very minor symptoms on Tuesday.  it's gotten progressively worse but not terrible until this morning.  now i have a cough to go with it and limited remedies because of the pregnancy.  i'm trying hard to ignore it, though; i've got lots to do!  i don't have any big projects due until after Thanksgiving so i was really looking forward to this week to get some personal projects done.  i suppose, if i look at it positively, it's better to get sick when you don't have deadlines hanging overhead, right?

i do have a little project to share today.  for the November Creative Weekly on the Crate Paper blog, our assignment was to create a project around a subject for which we are thankful.  for me, like a lot of people, i think, the first thing i thought of was my family.  i'm so lucky to have an amazing family, both on my side and on my husband's.  then there's my nuclear family--Hoss and Mr. Bagubian--both of whom i love and cherish with all of my heart.  but in the end, i decided to go with being thankful for a healthy pregnancy (minor cold notwithstanding!).

i have been feeling lately that Little #2 is getting short-changed and my "mother's" guilt is getting the better of me.  sometimes i forget altogether that i'm even having another baby!  that probably sounds impossible, but i think it might be normal when you have a child already.  Mr. B pretty much absorbs all of our energy and attention and so that doesn't leave much time to obsess over being pregnant.  and since there are no problems with this pregnancy--aside from some pretty gnarly heartburn on a daily basis--i don't have to think about it as a health concern. and i am truly grateful for that.

i printed out a photo of our sonogram and used it in a mini 6x6 layout.  i've said before that we aren't going to find out the sex of this baby so i chose a gender neutral color palette in yellow, green, and touches of red.  everything i used comes from On Trend except the wood deer which is from Acorn Avenue.

i typed out "our sweet little #2" onto a label sticker with my vintage typewriter and anchored it with a red and gold button.  then i layered tags and some bits like messy thread, the white button, and the Adorable sticker over a white doily.

i used a few different stickers actually, including the red Sweet sticker and the green and yellow borders.  i also punched several hearts from La Mode paper and stitched them all to the Latest paper.     

and there's my layout for my dear #2.  that's one thing this baby has that Gooby does not--an ultrasound layout.  yay for you, baby!

not knowing the sex is adding to my guilt a little bit.  it's our choice but it means that we have to resort sometimes to referring to the baby as "it" which sounds awful!  and since we don't know whether it's (see?!) a boy or a girl, we haven't bought a lick of clothing--or anything, for that matter!  there's no point in that since we don't want to go buying girl clothes if it turns out we have a boy.  and if we do have a boy, we have more than enough of Mr. Bagubian's baby clothes.  i suppose, though, that the love you have for anyone should not be measured in the amount of stuff you buy for him/her, right?  what really counts is that i take care of myself while carrying the baby and how excited we are at the moment s/he is born.

Hoss and i are hoping to get away today on our last overnight alone for quite some time.  as we approach the holidays and the New Year, there are so many things going on and it gets more difficult to plan a night away.  after the New Year, Dr's orders are to stay put just in case Little #2 wants to come early.  it just figures i have this cold--but i'm determined to power through and have a great time, especially since we're going shopping!  i hope you have a great weekend!