mini gift wrap kit

yay, it's Friday!  my class was cancelled last night (yippy!) which meant that i had a little extra time to spend with Mr. Bagubian.  i don't usually get to put him to bed on Tuesdays and Thursdays so it was nice to be able to do that.  and after he went to sleep, i got to edit, edit, edit project these for today's post.

i love the idea of making "kits."  i like creating all sorts of little doo-dads and putting pieces together to make a coordinating ensemble.  i have been gathering pieces together for some Christmas packaging kits over the last week and in the midst of getting those ready for show and tell, i decided to make one or two non-holiday themed.

i designed this assortment around the Hallows Rounds Glittered paper by My Mind's Eye.  it's from the Lost & Found Halloween collection but i love that it looks more fall-ish than Halloween-ish.  the orange glittery circles on the paper are so beautiful and i wanted to use the paper in some way in this kit.  i adhered a panel to the small paper bag and then stitched along the bottom edge with gold thread.  in terms of what i was shooting for with the kit, i knew i wanted to use more gold (of course!) and shiny, sparkly things like the shimmery copper baby envelope.  i chose supplies that I thought complimented the MME paper and came up with 4 washi tapes that fit the bill. 

i made 9 mini clothespins with them--8 of the clothespins come as a set on the card like you see above and there's one extra clothespin that attaches a confetti envelope and a swatch of lace to the baby envelope.  wouldn't the "special" and "wonderful" word clothespins be perfect for hanging children's art?

i also made 4 washi toothpick flags which are housed inside the copper envelope.  the "Love" flag says "Good!" on its flip side.

 i am really loving this gold word tape--it is so handy on quick projects!  i used it as an accent on the paper bag packaging, as well.   

i had a bag of confetti left over from my last project that i thought would also match this kit because it features the same autumn colors as the rest of this piece.  i just stuck a scrap of the MME paper inside for added shimmer and sewed it closed.  a couple of sequin stars and a text sticker finished it off.

here is the entire ensemble.  it's kind of a cute little gift wrap kit, huh?  it could also be used for paper crafting.  i have used all of these things on my cards before.  there are 9 washi-covered mini clothespins, 4 washi flags, a confetti envelope, a baby envelope, and a small paper bag.  i have 2 of these kits for sale in my Etsy shop and hope to be adding holiday packaging kits very soon!  give it all away or use it bit by bit to wrap gifts--either way it's a fun little set!  have a great day, guys!