relax, it's just water

hello, hello!  it's been a busy, busy week but my camera has been virtually idle so even though i've been working away in the studio, i don't have anything to show for it yet.  that's why today i thought i would do something completely different and show you a design i created for my Graphic Design class.  we were given the task of designing a logo for a bottled water company.  each student came up with their own product name and concept and then designed the logo. (this is a fictitious company.)

my company name is Just Water.  although the word "water" doesn't actually appear in the logo, it's implied by the water droplet.  the idea behind my water is simple:  it's just water.  it isn't flavored, it doesn't contain electrolytes, it doesn't come from an Antarctic glacier, it's not smart.  it's just good, crisp water.  i kept the bottle design minimal and the wording concise, as well.  i chose subdued colors and clean sans serif fonts for the entire design.  the tagline sums it up pretty well:  it's not complicated, it's just water.

we've had a few other logos to design and one day when i don't have much else for you, i'll share another one or two.  looking ahead to next week, though, i hope to get some photos taken so i can share what i've been working on lately.  i have a few cards and a couple of holiday mini gift wrap kits that i'm excited about.  talk with you soon!   


  1. Hi Rebecca!

    I just recently found and started following your blog!

    In a past life I thought I would go to school for graphic design, and dreamed of doing this exact thing; packaging design and company identities. I LOVE your concept, and I think you executed it so SO perfectly. How fun that you shared this; I look forward to seeing more!!

  2. Hi Meredith! Thanks for your nice comments and for becoming a follower. I took the leap last year and went back to school for GD as an adult and I am so glad I did! I've learned so much and I, too, love doing things like the water logo. I'm so glad you liked it!


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