cyber monday

happy (Cyber) Monday!  so obviously i didn't make it back here Saturday to preview new Etsy listings and i apologize for that.  but sometimes, family's got to come first, right?  we had a really nice 5 days while Hoss was on vacation and i was definitely in family mode.  i always look forward to Hoss's time off of work but i inevitably get a lot less studio work done when he's around :)  i had a great birthday yesterday, and that, too, was a day dedicated to family.  so i'm sorry for not posting over the weekend, but i have a feeling that i wasn't the only one spending that time with loved ones...

now, onto some new products!  i recently found some new sizes of small clothespins and couldn't wait to transform them with washi tape.  these are the same length (1 3/4") as the ones i normally use but are about twice the size in width at 1/2".  they're chunky and i love them!

for this set i used tapes in orange, pink, and yellow--very feminine and even springy, don't you think?  the tapes are from My Mind's Eye, Target, Bella Boulevard, and Prima.

up next is another chunky set.  i think my favorite thing about putting these assortments together is coming up with the combinations of tape designs i'm going to use.  i love the pink, aqua, and gray combo here--i think it's really sweet.

i used My Mind's Eye, Freckled Fawn, and Target for this set.  

and the packaging...who doesn't love that aqua tape with the hearts and clouds?

i put up a new assortment of baker's twine, also.  this set has all 8 colors i offer in convenient 10 yard increments.  it's a great way to sample each color and is perfect if you don't need a lot of twine.

the week ahead looks pretty busy for me with schoolwork.  the semester is winding down and so long-term projects are coming due, short-term projects still need to be addressed, and then there's getting ready for finals.  i have a big presentation on Tuesday so for the next two days, i'll be focused on that.  i will get critiqued on my design Tuesday night and then have until Thursday to tweak it before it's due to be turned in.  fun stuff, right?!  i don't want to completely ignore the blog this week, though; i do hope to get back here at some point before the weekend.

don't forget:  today is Cyber Monday and the last day to take advantage of the 15% savings in my Etsy shop.  just enter the code NOVEMBER15 at checkout.  have a great week everyone!