Saturday, August 1, 2015

gb :: august :: mason jar tags

Well, hello there!  It's the first day of August--that's kind of impossible, right?  A new month means new kits from Gossamer Blue, which is always good news!  The August kits celebrate everything summer and I liked them so much, I got a little carried away making projects!

I'll be sharing them all over the course of the month, starting with my first project: a set of tags featuring Mason Jar Pockets.  You can find the pockets in the Bits & Pieces kit (along with some other must-haves!).  This was actually the last project I made and kind of an afterthought, just using up some leftover scraps on my desk.  It's ended up being one of my favorite projects for the month, though!


For the kinds of projects I do, the best kits always have lots of little bits (enamel dots, cork and wood shapes, stickers) and die cuts--die cuts are the absolute best!  The August kits contain a plethora of these embellishments so it was easy to add details, which I think are what help make my compositions interesting--it's all in the details!  (Pretty patterns help, too, of course!)

To create the base for two of the tags, I used packaging--this one uses the card backing that the Mason Jar Pockets came with (it's cream with a strip of aqua 'water').  When you have the heavier elements like the chipboard mason jar and tassel, it's nice to have something rigid behind them.  So many companies now are using pretty package designs so I always try to utilize it.

This tag features packaging from the pack of Fancy Pants die cuts that are found in the Life Pages Themed Add-On.  It's a soft blue fan design and it's subtle so it's not overwhelming when paired with the busy floral pattern and bright pink and yellow elements.

I've definitely jumped on the tassel bandwagon and I'm not sorry!  Texturally, I'm in love with what they add to a composition.  They're not too difficult nor expensive to make, either, yet they give tags and gifts such a pretty look without much effort.

Be sure to check out the kit reveal and gallery on the GB site today!  There is so much to see over there and I don't want to enable you or anything, but you probably want to make a big cup of coffee and browse for awhile.  It's a summer Saturday--relax!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

gossamer blue inspiration blog hop :: july :: baby boy card set

Hello, hello!  Welcome to the very first Gossamer Blue Inspiration Blog Hop with the awesome new team!  The talents of these ladies make me want to create everyday so you're bound to find loads of inspiration during this tour.  You should have arrived from Patricia's blog and I'm sure she had something wonderful there!  I hope you like what you see here, too.

We've had a surge in the births of baby boys in our family over the last year or so...3 to be exact, with one more on the way.  We recently had a family reunion of sorts when I travelled back to the East Coast for vacation, and I took along this card and gift for my cousin and his wife who are expecting their first baby in September.

One thing I found exciting in making the set was that none of the elements I used were actually baby-related.  However, each phrase and image, when joined together, make for fitting new baby themes.  Gotta love the versatility!

The card from LP #3 with the Winnie the Pooh quote about not hurrying is perfect in color and sentiment.  As parents, particularly of newborns, I think we're all inclined to wish that our children would hurry up and sleep through the night or not need to nurse so much or that the phase when babies cry for no obvious reason every night from 10-12 because they just can't get it together would please end soon!  But childhood--especially infancy--is so fleeting and gone before you know it.  There really is no need to rush.

I wanted the expectant parents to keep that in mind so I adhered the Evalicious 'observations' puffy sticker to navy seam binding in the hope that they'll make a mental note.  I lined the gift card holder (which is just 2 Life Pages cards sewn together to form a pocket) with crinkled white crepe paper so all they have to do is pull on it and the gift card will slide right out.

It's quite important to collect memories when you have a new little one, right?  And I felt like a genius using the 'arrivals' sticker on a new baby card even though it's part of a travel collection, though I'm quite certain I'm not the first crafter who has ever made that connection!

Stars, clouds, circles...I love all those shapes for baby boys, don't you?  And those shades of orange and blue compliment each other so well; I especially love them against the greige LP card.

The poor mama-to-be wasn't feeling well the day of the family picnic so I didn't get to see her, but I hope they enjoy their gift set and remember to collect as many memories as they can while savoring each moment with their little guy, instead of wishing it away...

I'm so glad you stopped by today!  Have you been encouraged to put the July kits to good use?  There are still a few kits left so check out the GB store quick, before they sell out!  And up next on the blog hop is my friend Sandra Dietrich's page where I always find something inspiring.

Monday, July 13, 2015

wrap it #3 giveaway winner!!

Happy Monday?  I'm not so sure.  We've returned from vacation and I'm always sad to leave NY because that's where I'm from, that's where my family is, and in my heart, it will always be my home.  I'm happy to live in CA with my husband and his side of the family, not deal with snow in the winter, and experience a completely different suburban lifestyle here than my rural upbringing.  Here in Orange County we have 5 Targets in a 3-mile vicinity; back in NY the closest one is an hour away.  So, quite obviously, there are pros and cons to both places, but, the convenience of Target aside, it's always bittersweet going back to NY for visits because I know leaving will be incredibly hard.

I will tell you that I am so happy to BE home and not be traveling, though!  We came back on Saturday and it was not a fun experience...3 out of the 4 of us ended up being sick during the trip and Saturday was the worst for Hoss and Mr. Bagubian.  Our journey was 13+ hours.  We left my dad's at 9am EST; it's an hour and a half drive to the airport from his house.  Then we flew from Rochester to JFK and arrived in NYC at 1:30pm EST.  Our flight to Long Beach didn't leave until 6:30pm EST.  Not sure if that was a blessing or a curse since most of Mr. B's ailments took place during the layover and by the time we boarded the flight to LGB, he was fine.  Thinking it was definitely better to be in the airport, not on the plane, while that was happening.  But poor Hoss did not fare so well on the second flight and I'm sure he just wanted to be at home, not in the air for 5 1/2 hours.  I think we finally made it back to our house around 10:30pm PST (1:30am EST), which was a very long day.  Lest we forget the highly active 2 year old who only slept for 2 hours during the whole trek!  But we made it.  And worse things could have happened, so we're thankful for that!

Yesterday, Mr. B and Hoss rested up and guzzled Pedialyte while I unpacked, did laundry (yuck!), and cleaned.  So I guess it's almost back to normal around here, though a little while ago, we discovered Nemy has a fever of 102.6 so maybe not.  She was the only one who stayed healthy during the trip so maybe it's finally catching up to her.  At. Least. We're. Home.

Remember that giveaway I had a couple weeks ago (it seems like a lifetime ago now)?  The one where I said I was giving away one of my Dunne With Style Wrap It kits?  Well, I didn't forget about it and I wasn't teasing you!  I've got a winner announcement...


"I love the wrapping sets. They are beyond cute. I love making fun cards and invitations so I would definitely use that for this! :)" 

I'll be sending you one of my kits just as soon as you email your address to :)

Thank you to all who participated!  If you didn't win the giveaway but would still like to purchase a Wrap It kit, you can find them in the Dunne With Style shop.  And I've been LOVING Sam's take on the kit (below)!  She just knows how to make a gift look amazing and her gorgeous photos really sell it!

{ photo credit: Dunne With Style }
I hope your Monday was happy!  XO

Sunday, July 5, 2015

gossamer blue :: july :: summer tags & mini cards

Hello from New York!  We're having a fantastic vacation so far and I'm loving all the family time we're having.  We've been busy but the kids are having a blast with all of their cousins so I can't complain about being tired when I see how much fun they're having.

I wanted to pop in quickly tonight and share a couple of my Gossamer Blue projects using the July kits.  I'm just giving you an overview since I'm on a foreign PC (my dad's Dell--I haven't used a PC in ages!) and have a super-slow connection that keeps dropping (gotta love the country life!).  When we get back home, I'll share more photos and a few more details about the projects themselves.

The first project I'm sharing is a set of summery tags.  I made them using the Main Kit, LP KitLP Main Add-On, & LP Add-on 3.  This month the kits featured products from Shimelle, Crate Paper, Pink Paislee, Seven Paper, and Evalicious.  It's another colorful selection this month--I adore all the happy yellow embellishments especially!


Both of the projects I'm sharing tonight take advantage of all the bright and beautiful hues in the July kits.  For the second project I used the bold spectrum of shades of Traci Reed's life pages cards to put together some simple mini notes.  I love the striking typographic nature some of them have and was further inspired by a sheet of postage stamps I recently purchased, as well as some paint chips.

Once I got into the color, I just kept going, which is somewhat of a departure for me, as I tend to deal with only 3-4 shades at a time.  But the inspiration from these kits was a lot of fun--and a lot of color!

We've had perfect weather on vacation so far and I love being under the big open sky and seeing the millions of stars without the glare of the suburban/city lights.  I will say, that like this card, it certainly was an adventure to get here, but I'm thrilled we made it and it definitely beats the daily grind of our life back in CA (not that we don't miss that, too, but...)

I'll be back later this month with more photos and details on these cards and tags, as well as 2 more July GB projects...and maybe even some vacation photos!  Until then, be sure to check out the July kits--they're bound to go fast!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

gossamer blue :: june :: crafty gift basket

Hi again--3 days in a row, I can't believe it!  See?  I'm actually kind of sticking to this blogging schedule I was talking about yesterday.  I will let you know that we're going on vacation tomorrow so it'll probably be pretty quiet here for a week or two, but it's a planned break and then I'll be back again after that.  Also, the Etsy shop is on vacation, too, but I am answering messages and emails while away so if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask!

I had a post up on the Gossamer Blue blog yesterday and it's a long one, but it was a lot of fun to make!  I won't share the entire post here, just a few photos and you can read all about the project on the GB blog.

I filled a berry basket with some fun goodies for a fellow crafty friend and shared a couple quick tutorials on 2 of the items I included.  The June kits were bursting with bright colors--so fruity and delicious-looking--and like so many fellow crafters, I'm swooning over the Pink Paislee Citrus Bliss collection, which was featured prominently in the kits.  The bright yellow--I LOVE it!

I made some easy, but really fun gift pockets from the CB paper pad.  It was one of those things that made me wonder why I'd never thought of it before, but I'll certainly be making many, many more of them.

It helped that the kits also had awesome little embellishments with which to fill the pockets.  The gift is intended for a planner-loving friend and I know she will get a kick out of the wood pieces and paperclips. 

Cute pockets with a perforated tear top...the how-to is on the GB blog (and it's SO easy!) so be sure to check out the entire post.

 My fingers are crossed that I'll make it back again tomorrow with one last entry before vacation...but if I don't, I'll pop in after the 12th with quite a bit to share, including the rest of my GB projects for June and July.  Don't forget about the giveaway happening here and on sure to play along because I might just have a little surprise up my sleeve!

Monday, June 29, 2015

papertrey ink :: moments inked :: blog post prep

Happy Monday, friends!  I'm taking you on a trip through my organizational blogging prep which I'm hoping to turn into a habit, thanks to some fun goodies from Papertrey Ink's Moments Inked planning system.   I recently took a brief hiatus from social media, but in doing so, fell way behind in sharing the projects I'd continued to create.  The amount of work, from the photography to writing blog content to even knowing where to begin, was overwhelming.  I needed a way to catch up and be organized about it, which is how the very helpful Blog Banners stamp set is saving my sanity.  In my post today, I'll show you how I'm utilizing it and a few other Moments Inked necessities to get back on track.

After a few failed attempts at creating a simple list, I came up with this solution...It's just a little 2" x 3.5" grid card, but it's helping me out in a very big way.

I began with a pack of Word Cards.  I buy them at a local Japanese discount store--$1.50 for 160.  I did not make my own because I wanted to keep the system as quick and simple as possible--the more effort it took, the less likely I'll be to continue it.  So the pre-made stack of cards, complete with punched hole and plastic ring, is what I'll be using.  Then it was assembly-line time for stamping.  This was the most time-consuming part of the project; I made roughly 100 cards in about 45 minutes.  But that's 100 blog posts and they will last me quite awhile!

I created the layout that worked best with what I generally include in my blog entries.  The date, topic, a few extras, and due dates, which are especially important when I'm doing design team assignments.  I used the date and small box stamp from the Listed stamp set and I can fill in the details and check the appropriate box when needed.

The next thing I did was come up with a simple color-coordination system with card stock and the Planner Banners Die (I swear this is the die I use more than any other one I own!).  I have about 5 categories I generally write about and by adhering the corresponding color banner to the blog note, I can easily tell what's lined up when I'm flipping through the stack.  It's at the front of my list for easy reference, and I taped one inside my planner, also.

The post I did yesterday wasn't for a design team, but was about a fun collaboration I worked on, which falls under the 'Thurston Post' category--so it gets a pretty Royal Velvet banner.

On the back of each card, I stamped 'NOTES' in Raspberry Fizz and I can add any important reminders, key words, or other dates, so I don't forget them when it comes time to post.  This is also where I'll make notes on the photography end because I have a few projects waiting to be shot and/or edited and this is a great way to keep track of that.

Because I'm partial to a cleaner-looking planner, I don't want to write all of the blog information directly on the pages.  However, I do want to be able to look ahead in my book and see what's coming up, so I adhered the coordinating banners to the bottom of the weekly pages.  I also made a stack of lists from the Tabbed List Die on white card stock so I can write down the weekly topics.  When the month is over, I'll discard them. (I prefer minimal but I swear it isn't always this bare!  We're headed out of town this week so I've tried to keep our plans to a minimum so all I have to worry about is packing!)

It's going to take some time--a few weeks even--to get caught up with blogging.  This system will help me stay on track and keep me from falling way behind again, or getting overwhelmed with what to post when since there will still be new work coming in, too.  It's separate from my planner because it could completely overtake my planner like a weed if I let it, but I've streamlined it into my book so that I'm prepared for that week's posts.  And when changes inevitably come about--because they already have--I can just toss the little card and create a new one.

I hope you've found this helpful--if you aren't a blogger, a little system like this might work just as well for meal planning...perhaps that's the next thing I'll tackle!

Supply List:
All supplies from Papertrey Ink unless otherwise noted.
Stamp Sets:  Blog Banners, Listed
Dies:  Planner Banners, Tabbed List
Inks:  True Black, Raspberry Fizz
Card Stock:  Stamper's Select White, Simply Chartreuse, Summer Sunrise, Raspberry Fizz, Harvest Gold, Royal Velvet
Moments Inked Planner System

Word Cards: Daiso, Japan