for some reason, i seem to be making a lot of "hello" cards lately.  i'm not sure if it's because of the products i'm drawn to and working with recently or just because "hello" sounds so friendly...

this is another DIY Shop card; actually, both of my cards today are.  this one came about because i had made up a bunch of tags using some of the patterned papers--you can see the tag under the white "hello" tag and buttons.  i made several different styles which i'll eventually list in the Etsy shop, but first i wanted to include a photo sample of the tags in use.  i've yet to photograph the rest of the tags, but i LOVE this card!

it turned out so well that i kept it on my desk for a couple weeks just so i could keep looking at it!  and i'm also very--extremely--happy with the way the photos turned out!  look how clear they are!

i've also been making a lot of 6"x3" cards lately.  it's a nice change from the old A2 standard 5.5"x4.25" and they fit neatly into some special kraft envelopes i got awhile back.  it's also a great size to use with the 6x6 patterned paper pads.

as i said, more DIY Shop here.  i made a whole mess of cards back in April and May and would be working on one idea when i would suddenly get another idea.  i churned out quite a few cards in a couple of weeks' time.

so now i'm just playing catch-up with the photography.  i love the black/pink/yellow color combination on this card.  are you guys drawn to colors as much as i am?  i think that's my number one inspiration; i can't tell you how many cards/projects/kits come about just because i like the way certain colors look together.  when i see them, i get an almost euphoric feeling and have to write it down or clip the colorful items together immediately so i'm sure to remember them in the future.

 i just wanted to pop in quickly tonight for a show and tell.  so, hello...and goodbye!