valentine monday

happy Monday!  did you have a good weekend?  ours was pretty productive so i'm feeling good today.  we're definitely not finished gearing up for Little #2 but we're getting closer.  we took care of some important items on the to-do list and it's starting to get really exciting!  it's always been exciting, of course, but the baby's arrival is getting so close that it's really sinking in now.  Mr. Bagubian is talking a lot about the baby and that's fun, too.  he wants to give the baby monster trucks and Hot Wheels cars and last night he said we were going to go to Corky's (a favorite local restaurant) for pancakes and then we were going to go meet the baby!  it was so cute, though luckily, we didn't get to meet the baby last night...let's try to wait a few more weeks for that!

it seems we've been so busy and preoccupied with Mr. B the last few months to fully concentrate on Little #2.  but now that we are making progress and are only weeks away, i can't wait to meet him/her, either!

i have just one card to show you today.  Valentine's Day is Thursday so my goal is to share Valentines all week!  i have some more sweet packaging ideas to share, plus a tutorial, and (if all goes well with the photography) a mini card set.  

i used Crate Paper's Fourteen collection to make this; it was actually the first thing i made with it.  i love the mix of colors here but i also appreciate the white's easy to go overboard with the red and pink at this time of year and i think having a lot of white reigns them in a little bit.

this tiny detail here...the heart flag with that swatch of red and yellow floral paper...was actually the inspiration for this card trio.  it's so small but it's my absolute favorite thing about this card...just that itty bitty piece of floral!

i added the little red polka dot bag from Whisker Graphics for another bit of white.  you may also have noticed the white doily which is a new item i just started carrying in my Etsy shop.  i love using my 4 inch doilies on just about everything i make and now i have 5 inch doilies to go along with them.  in fact, they're a big part of the mini card set that is coming up later in the week.

what have you been making for Valentine's Day?  have a great day, folks!


  1. I think it's the pop of teal that's really making me love this card so much! The layout is so lovely (I love how the XOXO takes center stage, but there's so much else going on!), and the little heart is so adorable!!

    I remember when the reality of #2 was setting in - the pregnancy went by SO much faster than my first, so it sort of surprised us when it was already time! And now she is closing in on 3 - where did my babies go?! ;)

    1. Thanks! Same here--this pregnancy flew by--and that means that Gooby is growing up so fast, too. I'm sure it goes by even faster when there are two of them. Can't everything just slow down for a minute?!


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