happy valentine's day!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!  i hope you're all having a nice day, whether you get right into this lovey-dovey, mushy (created by greeting card companies?) holiday or not.  Hoss and i are not extremely into it, but we do like a good excuse to go out and eat a great meal alone!  i think we're going to Lucille's, a really yummy bar-b-que place where they have fantastic fried dill pickles.  i crave them (even when i'm not pregnant)!  it's low-key and not fancy which is good since i'm only wearing yoga pants these days!  3 weeks to go and i'm pretty uncomfortable in anything else so a romantic, expensive restaurant is out of the question.  we're pretty un-fancy anyhow so this is perfect.

i do like to create for Valentine's Day, though, because you can allow yourself to be super-sweet and corny and no one will care.  i started working on this set of mini cards a few weeks ago, when i first got the Fourteen products from Crate Paper.  i loved the idea of creating minis and wrapping them up in these 5" paper doilies.  

i won't go into explicit detail about every single card because there are 7 of them and we'd be here all day.  i'll just point out a couple of highlights when needed and otherwise let you quietly browse...i wadded up a vellum garland from CP's On Trend line and stuck it behind the XOXO garland die cut.  on top of the die cut is some of my favorite washi tape which has different words in gold type. 

this wrap comes tied with embroidery floss and a couple of buttons for added detail.

the wrap is the same for this card.

sweet-heart...i love this bicycle built for 2!

to close the wraps on the vertical cards and one of the horizontals, i used the stitched labels--they ended up being the perfect embellishment for this project.

i only used stickers on this mini, staggering them for a tiered effect.

scallop circles and more stickers here...the vertical cards were a little harder to decorate and i'm actually not too crazy about the way they turned out.

this one is okay, i think.  i love the "Be Mine" heart paper and really wanted to make something with it for this set.  it was the last card i made, and probably the easiest.  now if only the photo had turned out better...

not overly smitten with this one :)

...but these little wraps are cute...

the last card is another made from the red hearts "Sweetheart" paper.

all right, folks...that's all from me today.  whether you're planning a fun evening with your kids, have a hot date, or are just hanging out with your friends, i hope you have a great night!


  1. You sound like my hubs and I... it was our anniversary last week - so we went out for lunch on our anniversary 'day' (the day we got married, not the date), and it was burgers at a local joint. Then on our actual anniversary, we had pancakes for dinner!

    I love every card, and you are far too hard on yourself - they're all beautiful! I love the idea of folding the doilies around them as well, it dresses them up so lovely!


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