wanna know a secret?

i have a little secret that i want to share with you today.  i said in my last post that i had been carrying it around me with me for a few weeks and i was being literal...my husband and i are expecting our second baby!  i am about 16 weeks pregnant and we will hopefully be meeting Little #2 sometime in March.  Little #2 and I are healthy, and we are so excited around here--even Mr. Bagubian asks to kiss my belly at least once a day!  we've taught him to tell the baby his name and that he will be his/her big brother. 

unfortunately, i don't have any photos to share--no ultrasound pictures or Mr. B kissing my stomach--so you'll have to settle for some of my favorite shots of Gooby when he was near-brand new.  i have been looking back at the thousands of pictures we took at the time.  my husband bought a new DSLR just for capturing those special moments with our new little bean.  we just couldn't stop looking at him and when the camera came out, Hoss was pretty trigger happy.  i'm so glad for it now and hope we take just as many of Little #2.

although the quality of this photo is lacking due to the fact that i took it with my iPhone, it is probably my most favorite picture that we have of him.  i took it just hours after he was born and i love how incredibly sweet and perfect he looks.  he was a few days late and therefore a bit overcooked, and Hoss and i were in awe of his red, pruny skin and the amount of hair that covered it.  we were not expecting him to have hairy ear-backs or arm-backs, but that quickly became one of our most favorite things about him! 

he was maybe a month old here and Hoss captured these shots one day while i was holding him.  from day one, Gooby was an alert baby--the nurses at the hospital kept telling us how surprising it was as most of the babies they see hardly open their eyes during their entire hospital stay.  but not Gooby--he was ready to show off the big, big brown eyes he got from his daddy right away.

   i love this picture, too.  he was a very intense little guy and when he was only a few months old, he would just stare at people and make them slightly uncomfortable!  he was always staring down our dog and she would have to look away.  luckily, he doesn't really do that anymore.

i could share many, many more photos of the Goob when he was new but i'm not out to bore you.  besides, there is one important order of business i must discuss.  why not celebrate our good news by giving you 15% off your entire purchase when you order from my Etsy shop?!  all you have to do is enter the code NEWBABY2 and you can take 15% off of anything in the store!  anyone is welcome to use it.  the offer is good through September 30, 2012. 

i will be adding new cards throughout this week, too...

this is one of the new cards that will be going up in the shop, in honor of new babies and expectant parents.  thank you for sharing in my good news...happy shopping!