rainbow sherbet

back today with another card for you...i really had fun making this one, too!  of course, i have fun making all of my cards or i wouldn't do it, but this one came together quickly--the conceptual process is usually a little more time consuming as it comes down to decisions, decisions and i can be very indecisive.  i think with this card, i just put a couple of papers together and had an instant color palette which gave me the design direction i wanted to take. 

it was really supposed to be a quick, easy card but in the end it got a little more involved than i had planned.  that's perfectly fine, but had i known at the time, i would have taken some photos of the "design-in-progress" stage so i could do a little tutorial for you. 

i am smitten with these colors and love, love, love the white wood background paper from My Mind's Eye.  i wish i had gotten tons of it to cover a bulletin board i want to make.  i feel like the combination of the soft striped paper (from Prima) and that wood is so warm and welcoming.  it reminds me of a summer cottage.  

and i love the mason jar image, too.  mason jars are so classic and my heart beats just a little bit faster when i see one--in any form.  i cut this little guy out of some American Crafts paper and tied on a piece of baby pink scrunched seam binding.

underneath is a doily from my Etsy shop and a clear acrylic butterfly from Heidi Swapp.  it's a few years old and so are the rubons i used on it.  they are Stampin' Up.  happily, they still rubbed on just perfectly!  i piled the butterfly onto a bit of pink tulle, cream lace, and the doily...

...and then came the tricky part: sewing the butterfly to my papers.  i'm not a machine sewer, simply because i don't know how to use a sewing machine and don't have time to learn right now.  it's definitely in my near future as it will be a HUGE time-saver.  although i have to say, i like hand-stitching on paper.  it's relaxing and gives me something to do while i'm watching tv.    i digress...

i started with a small dab of glue to pin the bottom left butterfly wing to the paper.  (i used Fabri-Tac only because it's my favorite kind of glue to use when i want something to stick well and stick fast.)  it was going to be covered by the top of the mason jar so the glue spot wouldn't show.  then i used a paper piercer to poke holes in my layers and just eye-balled a line that would extend a few stitches above and below the butterfly.  i chose an aqua blue thread and made my stitches,  doubling them since the butterfly was heavier than the paper.  so, actually, it wasn't as tricky as i thought it would be and i really like the way the whole thing turned out.  

{not trying to fool you, i made 2 of these cards and the above photo is the 2nd one.}

a few strips of washi tape and some more stitching and the card was done!  it really has a summery feel to it and the colors remind me of rainbow sherbet so i've given this card the silly but endearing name of "Sherbet Jar."  imagine how pretty a mason jar filled with sherbet would be!   

it rained for about 3 minutes this morning; it was nice. now it's getting hot and feeling muggy; that is not nice.