thrifty thursday

ideally, i'd like to say that every thursday i will feature a sweet deal i found.  in all likelihood, it won't happen every thursday because things come up, blog posts get delayed, and who knows if i will even find a deal every week.  but i'd really like to try!
{washi tape; photo from}
paper tape is a hot item right now in paper crafting and exquisite gift wrapping, most notably washi tape which is made from japanese rice paper. i'm kind of addicted to it but with so many designs to choose from, and single rolls typically priced between $3-$4, the obsession gets out of hand quickly.
  while shopping at target a couple weeks ago, i came across these rolls of paper tape.  they are color coordinated like in the red/pink photo on the left, and come in sets of 4.  the best part?  they are only $4 for the set! that's $1 per roll and although there are no measurements of the actual yardage, when i compared them to my washi tape rolls, they looked about the same, maybe just slightly less.  these are not real washi tapes, but they definitely get the job done if you want to wrap up a little package real quick (see example below).

washi tapes are great because they peel off surfaces, even paper, nicely so they can be used again.  the target tape might not be as reusable, but i can deal with that at $1/roll.
you can find these tapes in the office supply aisle near the binder clips and push pins.  and if you're hardcore, you can get the binder clips and push pins that match your tapes!

{i am NOT affiliated with target; i just thought this was a great deal you'd like, too.}