i love to boogie

our assignment last month in my motion graphics class was based on typography.  using some preset animations and naturally keeping in mind the basic design principles, we had to create an alphabet.  you could choose a theme if you wanted to--like different animals or places for each letter of the alphabet.  

i decided to go with my love of music and chose a band or singer/songwriter for each letter.  in some cases it was difficult to choose--for D i had to narrow it down from Doves, Daniel Lanois, and DeVotchka (they won out) and for E i went with Ed Harcourt over eels, Echo & the Bunnymen, and Echoboy.  in other cases it was difficult to find anyone that i liked that began with that letter, like Q and Z.  for the integrity of my musical taste i could not go with Quiet Riot or Queen just to have a Q band so instead i went with sQueeze, whom i adore.  again for Z, with the obvious band being ZZ Top, i opted for maZZy star since i am not a fan of ZZ Top and wasn't going to pretend to be.  luckily my instructor is also a great fan of music and we like similar artists so i don't think he dinged me for those choices (we haven't gotten our grades yet).

the song you hear in my little video is "I Love to Boogie" by Marc Bolan and T. Rex because, well, i do love to boogie!