etsy fanatics

it's a lazy day here and to be quite frank, it's exactly what we all needed.  i, for one, had an excruciating week of schoolwork (work that was not supposed to have taken as much time as it actually did).  then friday was Hoss's birthday so Mr. Bagubian and i were out most of the day looking for fun stuff for him.  today Hoss is on call for work so it's a good excuse not to go anywhere or do anything too strenuous.  right now we're in the playroom and Mr. Bagubian is entertaining us with his killer dance moves.
{out for a walk with Hoss & Mr. Bagubian}
if anyone's keeping track, i have yet to make a sale on Etsy in the 2.5 weeks that i've been open.  however, i've been invited to a couple of teams and one of them, Etsy Fanatics, is featuring Thurston Post as it's shop of the week.  i was thoroughly surprised but incredibly appreciative as this gave my little shop some much needed exposure.  when i checked my "stats" yesterday morning (i check them entirely too often--a watched pot never boils, of course), i noticed i had gone from being "hearted" 12 times to 35 times overnight.  i thought it must have been a mistake...or that my sweet mom, bless her heart, had gone to my shop and favorited every single item!  but what had actually happened was that Andrea {Miss Crackelberry}, the captain and driving force behind EF had spotlighted Thurston Post and that's where most of the traffic was coming from.
i posted some pictures of items from other team members that i saw and fell in love with.  if you have some time, check out the shops of the other Etsy Fanatics team members.  i haven't had a chance to check out everyone yet but the ones i've seen are amazing and make me wish i had lots of money!  if people would just start buying my stuff... 

{love & marriage 4 card set}
the card above is part of a four card set celebrating love and marriage. {if you click on the caption, it will take you to the Etsy page.}  the other three cards in the set feature the same colors and a few of the same kinds of embellishments, namely die cuts and doilies.  they come in a clear plastic box and i will put the set in lunch bag packaging and wrap it up nicely as in the photo below.  i hope to set Thurston Post apart from the pack a little bit by featuring pleasant wrappings no matter what you buy.  and due to the type of embellishments on each package, you can reuse them or repurpose them.  i want my customers to feel like they're getting a gift themselves when they buy a card for someone else.

{special packaging for card sets over $10}
well, that's it for now.  i hope to be back in a day or two with some photos from my landscape project in Photography and a post about a really fun deal i found that you might be interested in, too.  until then...