Alexandra Renke :: Halloween Treats and Tricks!

Happy Halloween, my friends!  Being that it's October 31st, I just had to pop in and share some more Halloween fun with you.  This time, I'm using the Alexandra Renke Halloween dies, which have been so fun for whipping up tricks and treats (but mostly treats!).

I started with some cute treat bags, because this is the time of year when you can't have too many of those!  I'm using orange and black striped bags from Whisker Graphics, which I picked up a few years ago.  You can fill them with whatever you like, but if you don't want to get tricked, I'd advise NOT putting raisins in them!!  (Side note: My grandma ALWAYS gave out tiny boxes of raisins for Halloween and I never liked raisins until I was an adult.  Both of my kids--5 and 8--love raisins, though, so they'd probably be pretty happy about getting some :)

To create the details for these little bags, I used Alexandra's tiny dies Spiders and Bats and Little Ghosts and cut out each shape multiple times.  I then strung them with black thread to make a dangly little streamer, knotting both ends of the thread.  *I also advise tying a knot after each shape to keep them from all sliding down to the bottom.

I made tags for each bag with some paper from Alexandra (Stripes Pattern Black, Bats, and Dot Pattern Orange).  To each tag, I spelled TRICK or TREAT with silver glitter Thickers.  Spiders are obviously tricks, not treats ;)  At least these are cute spiders, because the real thing?  Not so much.

For an extra accent, I attached ribbons and black sequin trim with the tag and the spooky-cute garlands.  They're so sweet and were pretty easy to make, too!

One last Halloween project before we close the books on another Hallow's Eve...I hadn't used the little ghost die too much since receiving it so I wanted to showcase it in one more project.

This card accidentally is similar to the treat bags in that the ghosts are looking like garlands again, only this time, they're horizontal instead of vertical.

I splattered my card with some orange watercolor paint first and then attached the stringy apparitions to the card with 3-D foam dots.

More silvery Thickers, but a different font this time, spell out BOO!

I hope you have an awesome Halloween if you're celebrating it tonight, whether you enjoy trick-or-treating with your children, passing out candy to the neighborhood kids, or turning off your porch light and curling up with a scary movie.  My husband and I just finished watching The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix and it was SO. GOOD.  I highly recommend it if you're looking for something creepy and surprisingly emotional (for a horror show).

Happiest tricks & treats!


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    1. Thank you Kathleen! Happy Halloween (even though you don't get to celebrate--I'll eat some candy for you :)

    2. Haha, thank you! I took care of the candy-eating part nonetheless 😂


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