introducing sugar maple paper co. (part one)

My friend Sarah Bargo has recently launched a new Etsy shop and blog, in which she sells scrapbooking kits.  It's got the dreamy name of Sugar Maple Paper Co. and just like Sarah herself, her kits are gorgeous and full of fun!  She sent me the Sunkissed kit to play with and I love it!  The range of products includes a little something for everyone, from sweet and summery to the golds and the flowery bits.  I created a mess of projects to show you just how much fun it really is...

Of course I had to make some tags and this duo is all about the gold and pops of bright yellow.  I painted part of the 'be daring' die cut with a gold paint pen (so easy!) and paired it with the lemon from the Dear Lizzy die cut pack.  Both of these are add-ons in the Sugar Maple shop and they go perfectly along with the kit so don't forget to snag them, too ;) 

For the base of both of my tags, I used 3x4 cards from the Pebbles cut apart sheet.  When I create anything, whether it's a card or a tag, I lay all of my paper bits and embellishments out on my desk and then just pick and choose, layer and test, until I get something I like.  That's how I got the end results for both of these tags.  I like texture, too, so alternating 'flat' paper with other things like lace, glitter, doilies, trims, and the vellum and acetate die cuts brings depth to any project.

The cards came together the same way.  I used several snippets of the Pink Paislee Numbers sheet as little backgrounds.  They were perfect because after you cut the sheet apart, they're all different sizes--so convenient for layering this way!


The swan paper!  I wish scrapbook paper came in larger sheets so I could wrap bigger boxes with them.  But until they do, I'll still use them on smaller ones like these.

I may have been influenced by the 80's band The Wild Swans in coming up with the first box (!?!?!?) but anyhow, I intended it to be a gift for a baby girl, pairing the 'stay wild' die cut with the 'never stop growing' phrase sticker.  The aqua and green cactus card is an unexpected color pop in the sea of pink, and that's exactly why I chose it.  

The set is actually a baby shower gift for a friend who is having a baby girl.  I love the idea of this matching pair--and a gift for the mother and the baby.  Each wrap and phrasing was deliberate and while silver usually takes a back seat to gold for me these days, I adore it as an accent here.  I used silver because of the sequin trim included in Sunkissed and I'm so happy with the way it turned out!

I have a few more projects from Sunkissed which I'll share in detail over the weekend.  In the meantime, please stop by Sugar Maple Paper Co. and snag yourself some goodies (the kits go fast)!  You can also get loads of ideas for using the kits by visiting the blog.  (And if you check out the blog, you'll probably see the second round of projects I just mentioned ;)