autumn has arrived in the thurston post etsy shop

Happy Fall, dear readers!  I adore this season and when it actually begins to feel like fall around here, I'll be even happier!  In the meantime, creating with fall in mind puts me a step or two closer to my favorite season so let me share a few of the recent fall additions to my Etsy shop.

I'll begin with this card, which, as the sentiment suggests, is not true of the weather where I live, but perhaps it befits you.  I'm longing for sweater weather!  I don't usually make cards like this, where there are no layers and everything is lined out and straightforward, but every now and then, it's good to stray from your norm, right?  You can find it in the shop here.

I love how these gift bags turned out!  They are, in fact, recycled from a project I made two years ago (!!) from a Gossamer Blue kit.  I've been sitting on the leaf and feather tags that whole time, trying to decide what to do with them.  Last week, I turned them into these gift bags.

I think they'd make fabulous wraps for hostess gifts...package up tea towels, candles, soaps, stationery, or gift cards and present to the host(ess) at the next party you're attending.
I'll let you in a little secret: You actually get FOUR bags altogether because these come packaged in a similar fourth set.  The gift bag sizes pictured here range from 3" x 4" to 5" x 7" (the 4th bag for packaging is larger).  {Peek at this blog post for the 4th tag set--it's pink, peach, and orange-y yellow.}

Included are the layered feather and leaf tags, embroidery floss tassels, and the assorted ribbons and lace you see on each bag.

They are very fragile so do keep that in mind if you decide to purchase these.  I'll package them with great care for shipment.  Upon arrival, carefully slip your gift into the bag and deliver!  Find them in the shop here.

Up next are my signature mini clothespins in new patterns and colors for fall (or anytime!).  I still love these for gift wrapping and I use them for that All. The. Time.  But if you're not so much into that, they are useful for home decor, too.  Clip pictures to string or corral loose papers in your home office or kitchen.  Think these would be more helpful to you if they had magnets on the back or were the larger, standard size pins?  No problem!  Send me a message through Etsy and we'll chat about it! 

How pretty would these be as wedding decor?  I love all the new colors and patterns, obviously, but these rose gold glitter clips are so pretty in person!  I can definitely see them at a bridal shower, or even a baby shower.  Blush pink is very on-trend at the moment and I, for one, have been smitten with it for years.

I've also added an aqua, pink, and yellow set with gorgeous floral prints...

...and this pink and chocolate floral and glitter set.  This set is quintessential autumn, with it's warm colors and leaf and floral patterns.  Think of your home decor or holiday table scapes...

You can find the new clothespins here:

I'm not done adding new items to the shop so definitely keep stopping by!  If you see something you like, I'd love it if you "hearted" it, too!  Have questions?  Comment below or message me on Etsy.  As always, thank you so much for spending a few minutes with me today!