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There are some months when I get my Gossamer Blue kits and I can't stop looking through them.  The ideas come easily but the threat of hoarding gets very real.  September was one of those months.  Now, obviously I'm pretty happy to receive all of my GB kits, but this month...oh, this month was good.  You'll see.

The first project I'll share is some gift wrap that's headed out to a special friend later this week.  I always use patterned paper for gift wrap when I can; I obtain so much of it that I'll never use it all just for cards and tags.  This paper from Pinkfresh Studio in the Main Add-On #2, in particular, with it's large balloon image and lots of white space, was screaming at me to wrap a gift with it.

It fit well and was actually the perfect size for my 6.75" x .75" x 5.25" box.  I did not trim off the border on the bottom of the paper, but it ended up being covered when I folded the top of the paper over on it.  I trimmed about 3" off the left side of the paper, though.

With a bit of maneuvering, the black glitter foam word sticker, also from the Main Add-on #2 kit, fit perfectly in the white space next to the balloons.  Then I added some pink and aqua puffy triangle stickers in a bow tie pattern for extra details because they reflect the tiny black ones in the paper design.

I had to make a cute little card, too, since my friend is indeed a lovely person ;)  I simply trimmed down this part of the Happy Things Happy Words paper and folded it in half.  A black glitter bow is the most perfect touch!  I love quick and easy gift wrap, don't you?  This entire project took only 10 minutes.

I also made a few other greeting cards this month.  Can you tell I was feeling inspired by white space?

Bravery was big on our minds last week because Mr. Bagubian started school!  He was totally fine...it was Mommy who had to put on her big girl pants and get used to it all.  And I did.  And we survived.  (Later in the month I'll have another September project based on documenting Gus's first year of school, both from his point of view and mine.  Stay tuned!)

I didn't make this card with school in mind, but I did keep it out on my desk as a reminder.  (And maybe because I think it's really pretty, too.)  I've been stocking up on fabric lately and now I can't get enough of it on my projects.  The yellow leaves and solid aqua just happened to compliment the September kits quite nicely.

It was difficult not to create a baby-themed project, and in fact, I may have created more than one.  This card was super simple, too.  The bow is from the Fancy Pants button sticker set; I removed the foam dot from the back and threaded some peachy-pink thread through the holes, then adhered it to the ear of the little die cut bear.  Then 3 stickers (hellolittle you, wood heart) and the card was complete.

This card was kind of an afterthought...just something that came together quickly with a Life Pages card, a black glitter foam heart, and the banner sentiment, which is cut from a paper out of the Crate Paper Wonder 6x6 paper pad.  I think I mentioned last month that creating comes much easier for me when I'm not trying.  The three cards I shared today (minus the 'Lovely' card) were all accidental.

I'll leave you with a few sneaks of the rest of my projects, which I'll be posting here throughout September.  (But if you just can't wait, you can see most of them in the GB Gallery right now, alongside the rest of the team's projects!  If you're looking for inspiration, you're sure to find some there.)  

But you'll have to wait until the end of the month to see what this is all about...

Be sure to check out the kits in their entirety on the GB site, too!  They're going really fast!  Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. This was quite lovely, Rebecca! The foam celebrate is my favorite followed by the pleated card. Looking forward to seeing what you have planned for Gus' first day at school page!


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