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Calling all dreamers!  It's the 15th of the month and that means there's a Gossamer Blue Inspiration Blog Hop happening.  We're here to present you with all sorts of ideas for creating with your September kits.

I've gotten so that I already know I'm going to make a set of tags each month with the kits.  This month, given all of the 'adventure / dream / wild spirit' sentiments featured in the September kits, I took that theme and ran with it.  And I want to inspire YOU to not only put your GB kits to good use, but to also compel you to pursue your next adventure.

There's something romantic about being wild at heart and dreamy--not romantic in the sense of being in love, but perhaps starry-eyed or enchanted.  There's nothing quite like the feeling of thinking that you can conquer the world or fly or move mountains.  I felt like the September kits captured that feeling perfectly so I wanted to capture it, too.

   Quaint hearts and florals from the Main Add-on, Main Add-on #2, and LP Add-on #3 kits are layered with romantic lace, doilies, and peach tulle from my own stash.  Soft and pretty shades of pink and coral, moody grays, and elegant gold...the colors are about taking a wild leap and following your heart, knowing there is a chance you may fail, but throwing caution to the wind and believing in yourself for a positive outcome.

I poured over my kits when I received them last month, my mind brimming with ideas and possibilities for not only my projects, but of hopes and dreams, as well.  I mean, there was even a notebook in the Bits & Pieces kit for recording said hopes and dreams (or something entirely different, of course).  But it was hard not to feel motivated to accomplish something, whether it be a large something or a small something, when you're presented with such encouraging words in each kit.

Now I'm passing that motivation onto you, my friends...they may only be tags, but it's my hope that you find something in them that encourages you to take a leap or a risk.  Do that thing you've been putting off; have an adventure; dream out loud.

Whatever your passion is, I hope you're inspired to pursue it...Adventure awaits!

Thanks for making this post a stop on the path to your dream...Speaking of dreamy, Sandra Dietrich is your next venture.  And there are still a (very) few kits left so check out the GB store soon, before they sell out!  Better yet, start a subscription if you haven't already.


  1. Oh I always love your tags!! Whenever I try to make some like this, it just never ends up the way I imagine it :D ..maybe you should do a little step by step tutorial sometime? :)

  2. I'm another fan! Your tags are beautiful

  3. These are like little morsels of all good things!! Gorgeous and so inspiring!


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