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There are BRAND NEW, soon-to-be-arriving-in-stores collections from Crate Paper, guys!  Three to be exact, and I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of them to make projects for CHA last month.  If you love to be crafty, then you will adore Craft Market!  It is definitely right up my alley, I'll tell you that!  Just look at all of this fun stuff!

There is always a lot of frenzy and excitement surrounding CHA and it was no different this year.  Thankfully, Craft Market was a dream to create with and all of my projects came together very quickly.  The bold colors made it a joy to photograph, also--and I am always happy (and relieved) about that!

Look at all of the textures here!  Wood, paint, glitter, burlap, muslin, foil...there's nothing I love more than texture in papercrafting.  And what about those wood embroidery hoops?!  They're kind of awesome, right? 

My next project was 100% inspired by this collection.

I did NOT make the bag--that was a Daiso score for just $1.50.  The burlap triangle is part of a banner kit that my father-in-law kindly sewed onto the bag for me.  (I don't machine-sew, but the day he helped me with this was my first official sewing lesson so this is the year I'm going to learn!  Woo-hoo!)

A simple pocket on this cute bag...another thing I love about CM is all of the possibilities for DIY, which is a branch I find myself frequently drawn to these days.  I still love to make cards, but I'm itching to do other things, as well, and make a niche for myself in something other than cards.  CM has so many possibilities...

And, well, here we are back to cards, I guess!  Ha!

For this one, I was noticing all of the ampersands in the collection and spread them out on a 4" x 4" card.  It's colorful, it's textural, it's typographic; I was pretty pleased with it.

Will you be keeping an eye out for Craft Market's retail debut?  I'm not sure when it's being released, but I'll definitely keep you posted when I know more.  Thanks for stopping in!


  1. You are so so right.. this collection is beautiful! Love the bag you made. wow... so darling!

  2. Oh Wow i love this collection too! Hope to see it soon in Dutch scrapstores! Beautiful cards and bag you made!


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