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My fabulous friend Lara of The Ink Road, a fellow creative, recently said to me, "making things for other people is emotionally healthy in a way that nothing else is."  Oh, is that ever true!  It just makes you feel good to give something nice to another person.  It doesn't have to be big or expensive; it just has to come from the heart.  

One of my favorite gifts to give are small notebooks.  I buy them usually because I'm attracted to their covers, but I like to imagine all of the amazing notes, sketches, and ideas that will soon fill their pages.  While I didn't make the journal itself, I did adorn the gift wrap and create an extra special card to go with it.

I cut a strip of glitter from one of the banners in the Open Book bunting kit and layered it with blush pink crepe paper, a scrap of embroidered white fabric, and some shiny gold party tinsel I picked up at a discount store.  (FYI:  That tinsel is my new go-to for adding shiny gold fun to all of my packaging; you're sure to see it again in the future!)  As a finishing touch, there are two Open Book stickers with words pertaining to writing--'notes' and 'documented.'  A strip of washi tape hides beneath the crepe paper to seal the bag closed.

For the matching card, I mixed pieces from OB with Craft Market (like the bottom layer of "Inspired" embossed patterned paper and the 'friends like you' sticker atop the chipboard medallion) to create some stacked pink and gold textural eye candy!

One thing I have always loved about Crate Paper is how easily you can blend all of their different collections.  Each line is distinctive, yet they all mingle so nicely together.

I don't believe it's the amount of money you spend on a present, but the care you put into giving it that is the real gift.  A nice, personal message inside the card goes a long way, as well.  I was feeling all warm and fuzzy after this crafting session; I can't wait to send this little ensemble on it's merry way to my sweet friend Bonita Rose!

Speaking of The Ink Road, Lara has an Etsy shop where she sells paper crafting and scrapbooking supplies at really great prices.  Whenever you order from her shop, she gives you a few extra fun goodies and everything is wrapped up in such a pretty way.  I wish I had a photo of that but when I got my last package, I couldn't wait to open it.  (Good thing I'm expecting a new package to arrive...I'll be sure to get photos of the wrapping this time :)  Do check out her shop for yourself, though!  I don't know if my timing is good or bad:  Lara's in the process of moving so if you do place an order, there's a bit of a wait for it to ship.  But if you don't mind waiting, use coupon code "Moving" to save 50% off your entire order!!!  That's pretty amazing--you'd better go quick!


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