zoom zoom :: happy birthday, Mr. Bagubian!

Happy weekend!  Friday the 17th was Mr. Bagubian's 4th birthday and so my week was pretty full with parties, shopping for presents, wrapping presents, and answering the question: "Is it my birthday today?" every single day.  Then when it was his actual birthday and he was 4 years old, he mused, "Hm.  I don't look like I'm 4 years old."  And now that he's been 4 for 2 days, he's already asking when he'll be 5.  Hey, kid, quit rushing it, will you?  It's hard enough for US to believe you are 4 already!

He is a car/truck/bus/motorcycle/anykindofmotorvehicleyoucanthinkof fiend.  For Halloween he wants to be a garbage truck--not a garbage man, but the actual truck.  So that's gonna be a fun one to make.  I haven't started it yet on the off-chance he changes his mind.  It was only a couple of weeks ago, after all, that he wanted to be a big, giant banana.

I made this card using the Boys Rule collection from Crate Paper.  (The black and white striped paper is from On Trend, though.)  I love this card because it is so Gus.  He is such a little boy and he plays so well with his cars and trucks.  We listen to him making up elaborate scenes with his Hot Wheels--lately they have all been involving one car creating a huge traffic jam because it has a flat tire.  (This is not the result of a real-life experience.)   

I cringe because I see a missed opportunity here...can you spot it?  I totally should have covered the 6 on the chipboard car with a 4!!!!  I have several "4" die cuts and stickers that would have worked perfectly.  With everything going on this week, I think I just overlooked it.  Oh, well, I can always go back and put one on later.  

I'm hoping to get back here a couple times this week with some gift wrap ideas, an Etsy shop update (haven't done one of those in forever!), and maybe a little peek at a really fun gift exchange I'm involved with.  Until then, I hope you are all well!


  1. awwwww....such a sweet card and love reading about your sweet boy!


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