Mr. Bagubian's 1st haircut

so i started this post two weeks ago!  on monday, february 27th, i began this post to document Mr. Bagubian's very first haircut.  i started writing in the morning before he woke up.  then he woke up and my day became about him.  by the time he went to bed that night, i started feeling ill and what transpired was a night of being disgustingly sick which led to 3 days of feeling weak and dehydrated.  (i think i had food poisoning since no one else got sick.)

after that passed, i had a tremendous amount of schoolwork to do since i missed an entire week of classes.  we are officially on spring break now and i had 4 projects due by this past thursday.  i threw myself into those and day by day finished up each one. yesterday was devoted to Mr. Bagubian because i hadn't been able to spend much time with him since getting sick.  i will try to finish up this post today (but he's due to wake up any moment so we'll see how far i get).

one of my projects was for a photography class i'm taking.  we were working with our existing photos, using creative blending techniques to merge 2 or more of our photos together.  i had some interesting outcomes and here are 3 of my favorites:

{my typewriter blended with a photo of lined paper}

{clementines with a wooden door}  

{my typewriter and tree branches}
you can see the rest of my creative effects set on here on flickr.  

and here is the original post with details about the Goob's new 'do...
Mr. Bagubian has, well, a pretty tight mullet.  we've never cut his hair but the mulletude has really been bugging Hoss, my husband, lately.  he was ready to buzz off all of Mr. Bagubian's hair but i was not.  i just couldn't picture the Goob with a crew cut at his tender age of 1.  so luckily we were able to settle on a compromise and Hoss ended up just trimming Goobie's hair.  

{after--i don't have a better picture at this time}
Mr. B did not like the experience one bit.  i have to agree that he doesn't look so disheveled and wild anymore but his new haircut makes him look older than he is.  Hoss might disagree.  i will say that i look forward to not combing bananas out of his curlylocks anymore.  but i will miss it terribly when he stands in front of the fan and shakes his head so his hair blows in the wind, a la Fabio, sans slow motion.  
(you will notice that I refer to Mr. Bagubian by many names--Goobie, the Goob, Goose, Goosie, Mr. B--this is because in the year and nearly five months since he was born, his personality has demanded we come up with new monikers for him.  i hope it's not too confusing, but each name usually stems from a former one so it shouldn't be too hard to know who i'm talking about.) 

well, i got through this and he's still sleeping.  hooray!  until next time...


  1. love the MERCI card. congrats with etsy store. i love mr. bagubian!


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