ThurstonPost on Etsy

finally, finally, finally!  i think it's only been about 4 years since I've been saying i would sell my wares on Etsy, but i have FINALLY done it!  spring break didn't start out exactly as planned and then i had to shoot and re-shoot, and then re-shoot several more times to even try and get a decent shot of my cards.  you'd never know i was halfway through my second photography class from the looks of those photos.  staged photography is just not my thing.  i have pretty terrible natural light in my house and shooting outside presents it's own difficulties.  but eventually i came up with a temporary solution last thursday and was able to get some decent photos.  they still aren't great but can be helped with some editing.

{white and cream merci}
anyhow, as of last night, i have 20 items listed in my little ThurstonPost storefront. i think the reason it took so long for me to list any items was because a.) with my current lighting situation, it is kind of a hassle to take the pictures--and you need a full shot, a close up, and a shot of the inside in most cases; and b.) i had a feeling that the actual listing would take some work to set up, too.  add to it that by now i probably have 150-200 items to post and that's hours and hours of work!  all together i probably did spend about 30 hours to post 20 items and that doesn't include the time i spent on the photo shoots where none of the pictures were useable!  oh, well, i feel good about the work i've done and the fact that not doing it isn't hanging over my head anymore.  even though i have only about 10% of my stuff listed, at least i'm out there, right?  

{cozy kraft tag wrapped in yarn}
please take a look at my shop...and tell your friends and everyone else you know about it!  i'd really appreciate it!