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It's December 6th, and that means you can find a new Packaging Ambassador post from me on the Papertrey Ink blog.  (And I made videos, you guys.)  Also this month, you'll find a NEW Papertrey Ink BLOG!  It's bittersweet, since it meant saying farewell to our beloved leader at PTI, Nichole Heady.  It feels like the end of an era with her gone, as she's been such a driving, supportive, expert force at PTI, and in the papercrafting community as a whole.  But as we pick up the pieces of her sad departure (sad for us, happy for Nichole who can begin a new adventure), the Design Team is also excited for a new beginning...

As for me, I'm hoping to step up my designing game in 2018, and offer a few more fun packaging-centric items for all of the other gift wrap nuts like myself out there (I know there are a lot of you!  Don't be shy--raise your hand!).  But before we look too far ahead, let's have a current look at what I'm doing with my Good Tidings Holiday Packaging kits:

First of all, you can visit the PTI blog for my Packaging post which is dedicated to gift card holders this month.  There's a die for that in the Good Tidings Main kit and I'm showing you how to cut, assemble, and embellish it--in mostly video format.  Have a look after you finish here...

On this side of things, I'm making and using adhesive labels!  These were a fun addition to the Main kit because even though the majority of them are pre-designed for quick use, we also included 6 sheets of blank labels for you to create your own--36 stickers in all.  I'm sharing a quick look at a few of the ones that I made the other day, as well as a simple way to use the labels that are pre-made.

You can use ink and stamps to make any design you want (that will fit on a 1 3/4" circle, of course), but I designed the Good Tidings stamps to include small-sized images and sentiments, too, partly because of these labels.  What good are they if you can't do anything with them because all the stamps are too big?

I've used the tiny pine tree stamps, the bows, little 3-leaf flourishes, and pine branches to liven up each of the labels, pairing an image with a bite-sized sentiment.  Sticking with 2 or 3 colors will give you contrast, without overwhelming your project.

I stayed with the color scheme of the Good Tidings kit here, but in the future, I'll branch out a bit and incorporate more colors.  For now, though, I chose these hues because those are the colors I'm partial to this year.  With the red and green buffalo check craze that's happening all over the internet, I think a lot of folks are feeling that way.  But I did have to throw in some pink and a little orangey-yellow for a some unexpected fun :)

Just a little trick I thought I'd share...There's a curved stamp sentiment ('tis the season for giving) and while the actual curve is wider than these labels allow, I manipulated the stamp to fit.

One of the best uses for these stickers is simply wrapped little boxes.  I have a few samples here, using a strip of ribbon or the copper foil tape (both available in the Good Tidings Trimmings Add-on kit).  The small packages look like they're sealed--this is particularly a clever way to wrap gifts that need to be mailed (and I have many of those!).  You still get to dress up the gift, but there's nothing loose or bulky to make piling the presents into a shipping box awkward.

Decorate your holiday table with small favors wrapped this way; it can be modern...

...or it can be elegant.

If you haven't ordered your Good Tidings kit(s) yet, you still have time to get it (them) before the holidays arrive!  Make your wrappings a cinch this season with everything you need for packaging your presents (except the paper!), all curated into a festive and coordinating ensemble.

Please join me back here this weekend for another look at some Good Tidings wrappings, and don't forget to check out the PTI blog for my gift card holder tutorials!

Happy wrappings, friends!