Introducing Good Tidings...2 Specialty Holiday Gift Wrapping Kits :: a collaboration with Papertrey Ink


My first collaboration with Papertrey Ink, is available now!  I couldn't be more thrilled to introduce Good Tidings, an all-inclusive packaging and gift wrap kit, is curated for "one-stop gift wrap shopping."  Short of wrapping paper, Good Tidings delivers gift tags, stamps, ribbons, trims, sticker labels, and dies that will save your sanity this holiday season.  The kit is elegant and sophisticated, yet at the same time, fun and approachable, with a homespun touch.  There are designs that will suit everyone on your gift list, and the fact that it all comes to your door in one box will suit you--no need to drive all over town looking for gift decor.  The best news is that whatever your gift wrapping skill level is, this kit is for you. Keep it simple, or go fancy all the way...break out the stamps and dies and DIY to your heart's content, or use the pre-made items and do it fast and easy.  Whichever you prefer, Good Tidings has you covered.

Head to Papertrey Ink to get your Good Tidings Main and Trimmings Kits, as well as all of their other new release items.

Good Tidings Main Kit can be found HERE.
Good Tidings Trimmings Kit can be found HERE.
Good Tidings Paper Collection Refill can be found HERE.
Paper & Package Essentials: Tag 1 Die Collection can be found HERE.
Paper & Package Essentials: Large Bow Die Collection can be found HERE.
Paper & Package Essentials: Small Bow Die Collection can be found HERE.


The Good Tidings Kit contains:
  • Good Tidings Stamps (2 sheets with index labels)
  • Good Tidings Die Collection (set of 14)
  • Good Tidings Paper Collection (2 sheets each of 13 patterns)
  • Good Tidings Adhesive Label Collection (2 sheet each of 3 designs, 36 labels total) 
  • Round White Adhesive Labels (36 total)
  • White Tag Stock (2 sheets, 8-1/2" x 11")
  • Pure Poppy cardstock (4 sheets, 8-1/2" x 11")
  • Saffron Spice cardstock (4 sheets, 8-1/2" x 11")​ 
  • PDF Download Printable 3x4 Gift Enclosure Cards
If you want to take all of your wrapping to the next level, while saving yourself a lot of time and effort during this busy time of year, you will also want to pick up the Trimmings Kit that she coordinated for you!


The Good Tidings Trimming Kit contains:
  • Silver Glitter Tape (5 yards)
  • Bronze Foil Tape (10 yards)
  • Mini Clothespins (5)
  • Dark Indigo Tulle (25 yards)
  • Sweet Blush Satin Ribbon (5 yards)
  • True Black Satin Ribbon (5 yards)
  • Pinfeather Satin Ribbon (5 yards)
  • Pure Poppy Grosgrain Ribbon (5 yards)
  • Large Muslin Bag (5" x 7")
  • Medium Muslin Bags (set of 2, 4" x 6")
  • Small Muslin Bags (set of 2, 3" x 5")
  • Pinfeather Embroidery Floss (1 skein)
  • Pure Poppy Embroidery Floss (1 skein)
  • 10mm Jump Rings (set of 5)

Here are a few more details for you to check out!

A friendly, welcoming holiday stamp set that makes creating gift tags a joy, Good Tidings is meant to add warmth throughout your Christmas and New Year’s wrappings.  The images and sentiments come in a range of sizes, from small to large, making them a convenience for many tag and gift dimensions.  They will also work well on holiday cards.  Use these illustrations and messages to convey your kindest holiday wishes to everyone on your Christmas list!

Good Tidings: 2 1/4” W x 1” H
4-leaf Branch: 7/8” W x 1 7/16” H
Bow w/tails: .5” W x 3/4” H
Good Tidings Die Collection Measurement Reference:
Gift Card Holder:   Unfolded Size: 5 1/2" W x 4 1/2" H / Folded Size: 2 3/4" W x 4 1/2" H
Circle Tag:  1 1/2"
4-Leaf Branch:  7/8" W x 1 1/2" H
Small Bow: 1/2" W x 1/2" H



There are 14 dies in all in this kit, with the largest being that of a gift card holder!  SO many of us turn to gift cards at this time of year since it's easy and mostly fail-proof.  This envelope allows for a bit of a twist with a perforated, tear-off top, which is fun for both kids and adults!  You can make this holder in a snap by simply adhering the edges closed--this option works great when you're pressed for time (like so many of us are during the holidays).  If you'd like to get a bit more homespun, use the separate stitching guide dies to punch holes in your edges and stitch them up with thread or embroidery floss.  (Hint: Floss is included in the kit-- read on!)



You'll also find dies that coordinate with some of the images found in the stamp set; images like the small evergreen trees, the bows, and many of the branches. Last is a circle tag measuring 1 1/2" that works great with some of the smaller stamp sentiments and images.


Patterned Paper and Tag Sheets Measurement Reference:  6" W x 9" H

The patterned papers are colorful and versatile.  Some are subdued and sophisticated, like the black and white branches sheets, while others are meant to have a little more fun, such as the Sweet Blush background with white pine branches and Saffron Spice with Sweet Blush trees.  They are 6x9 so are conveniently sized to run through most die cutting machines with minimal trimming beforehand.  The widest paper many Big Shots take is 6" and this paper size means you can eliminate the extra step of cutting my paper.  It's always nice to have a few extra moments during a hectic holiday season!


When paired with the gift card holder die, there is minimal waste, too.


For the tag-lover in all of us, these tag sheets are incredibly useful in gift wrapping.  The tags can be used by themselves, layered, altered with stamps, or used on cards instead of packages.  They offer a wide variety of images and sentiments, and a select few can even be used for non-holiday occasions.


The tags come in 3 sizes:
Large: 2 1/2" W x 4" H
Medium: 1 3/4" W x 3" H
Small: 1 1/2" W  x 2" H


There are 24 Large Tags (6 sheets in all); 16 Medium Tags and 16 Small Tags to combine for another 4 sheets.  The tags are straight-edged so you can easily cut them out with your paper trimmer or scissors.  OR you can scroll down a bit and grab a 3-pack of the all-new Paper & Package Essential Tag 1 Dies!  The set includes the 3 sizes of tags used in the kit.


If you run out of the patterned paper and/or tags, there is a refill available for just $5.00!  You can find it HERE.  It includes 2 sheets of each paper and tag sheet design, for a total of 26 papers in all.


Next up are labels!  We can't underestimate the power of a stick-on label, especially during the holidays!  No taping, no tying, no clipping...If you want to talk about saving time and zero hassle, then it's all about sticker labels!  This wouldn't be a holiday kit without some of those, so how about A LOT of those?  We're talking 36 pre-made labels, designed by me, and 36 plain labels, just waiting for you to ink up some TO/FROM stamps and fill them in.


Stick them to your boxes, bags, cards, tags...whatever you happen to be giving.  The labels offer a variety of elegant designs in black; not-so-basic TO/FROM options, and a collection of homespun greenery.


Create your own packaging with ink and stamps.  Many of the paper items in the Good Tidings Main Kit are pre-designed, with options for creating your own variations.  The labels are no different, and 36 plain stickers allow you to be the designer!


Round Label Measurement Reference: 1 3/4"


We've also included a few basics in the kit for you:


Sheets of Pure Poppy and Saffron Spice card stock allow you to bring in some extra bold colors to your packaging, while White Tag Stock will see you making thick tags, perfect for stacking on lots and lots of embellishments!

Tag/Cardstock Paper Measurement Reference: 8 1/2" x 11"

Lastly, there's a fun bonus in this kit for you: A collection of 6 enclosure cards available in a downloadable PDF.  The file will be emailed to you when your order the Good Tidings Main Kit, and once you receive it, you can download and print the 3x4 cards as many times as you'd like!  There's no limit!  Use them like tags, use them as card fronts, write a little holiday message on the back.  The convenient size means they are great for journaling and memory keeping, too.


Downloadable Printed Card Measurement Reference:  3" x 4"


That covers the Good Tidings Main Kit--the meat and potatoes of your holiday wrapping, if you will.  Now let's add in a little gravy and pie, and tell you more about the Trimmings Kit because...ribbons.


So. Many. Ribbons.  You receive 20 yards of ribbon!  20 yards!  And it's high quality ribbon that matches the paper, the labels, and the Papertrey inks.  When it comes to wrapping gifts during the holiday season, let's be honest and say that 3-5 yards of ribbon may not cover too many gifts.  It doesn't take you very far, even when your gifts are small.  Most of us aren't only wrapping up 4" x 4" boxes, either.  So I wanted to make sure you had plenty of ribbon (in plenty of colors) to carry you through a good chunk of your wrapping needs.

You'll receive 5 yards each of Papertrey Ink 1/2" Satin Ribbon in Sweet Blush, Pinefeather, and True Black.
You'll also receive 5 yards of Papertrey Ink 5/8" Pure Poppy Grosgrain Ribbon.


In order to supplement your ribbon, there is a spool of Dark Indigo Tulle that is 25 yards!  You read that right--25 yards of 3" Dark Indigo tulle!  It's a staple in my wrapping for its texture and ease of use so I wanted to include it in the Trimmings Kit.  Tie it around your gifts, use it as a layer, or make some bows with it--you have 25 yard to play with!


Yes, that is a tassel you see in the above photo.  While there aren't any tassels included in the kit, we're providing you with the tools to make them, including 2 full skeins of DMC floss!  Shades matching Pure Poppy and Pinefeather are provided, and you can make up to 4 tassels and 2 fringe bows, following my tutorial, found HERE.  (Of course, you can come up with your own style of embroidery floss tassels).  If tassels aren't for you, use the floss for stitching up gift card holders, tying on tags, or even a little embroidery if you fancy.


Each skein contains 8 meters (8.7 yards)          Pinefeather - DMC 500            Pure Poppy - DMC 321


To go along with the floss, five 10mm jump rings are provided, which I use to make the tassels.


And can we talk about the tapes for a minute?  10 yards of copper foil and 5 yards of silver glitter tapes.  You can use this tape in place of your everyday cello tape to easily add a little zest to your wrapped gifts.


... Or try decorating the mini clothespins with it.  That will always be my favorite use for decorative tape.


I even added it to the bottom of some of my handmade tags, using it like a border.

Tape Measurement Reference:
Copper Foil Tape: 10 yards
Silver Glitter Tape: 5 yards

Last but not least are 3 sizes of muslin bags.  You may have seen my use them in my Packaging Ambassador posts and she wished to include them in the Good Tidings Trimmings kit as they make wrapping smaller items so easy!


In addition to the kit contents shared above, I'm excited to also introduce the first of an ongoing line of basic dies that are perfect for gift wrapping, but also provide tons of possibilities for card making and other paper crafts. You will want to collect them all!
Paper & Package Essentials: Large Bow Measurement Reference:
Loop (longest rectangle): 6" W x 2" H (folded size: 3" W x 2" H)
Assembled Size: Appr. 3" W x 3" H


What's a Christmas present (or any present) without a bow?  The idea of adorning a gift with a handmade bow is a lovely concept, and one we're bringing to life with the release of Paper & Package Essentials: Large Bow and Small Bow dies.  The large die, when assembled, is roughly 3" x 3" and has a tail that can be "worn" straight across the back or folded down (as shown).  Add a barrette or rubberband to make cute hair pieces!


Especially at this time of year, the bows look beautiful in Papertrey Ink's 100% Wool Felt, shown here in Pinefeather and Pure Poppy.

Paper & Package Essentials: Small Bow Measurement Reference:
Loop (longest rectangle): 4 1/4" W x 1 7/16" H (folded size: 1.4" W x 2" H)
Assembled Size: Appr. 1 1/2" W x 1 1/2" H

The small bow, like it's larger counterpart, has a tail that can be assembled either way, shown here going straight across the back.  When assembled, it measures 1 1/2" x 1 1/2", a sweet addition to a any present.



These tag dies are a great basic, hence the name "Essentials: Tags 1" and they'll be used again and again in my upcoming projects.  You've been seeing them in use many times throughout this post, and not only will they come in handy for the Good Tidings kit, they'll be a staple in future Paper & Package kits.


Paper & Package Essentials: Tags 1 Measurement Reference:
Large: 2 1/2" W x 4" H
Medium: 1 3/4" W x 3" H
Small: 1 1/25" W  x 2" H


The price breakdown of each item is also included to help you see the value in these amazing kits.


The Good Tidings Main Kit contains:
  • Good Tidings Stamps ($24)
  • Good Tidings Die Collection ($20)
  • Good Tidings Paper Collection ($5)
  • Good Tidings Adhesive Label Collection ($3) 
  • Round White Adhesive Labels ($2)
  • White Tag Stock ($1.20)
  • Pure Poppy cardstock (90-cents)
  • Saffron Spice cardstock (90-cents)​ 
  • PDF Download Printable 3x4 Gift Enclosure Cards 
The total retail cost of the kit is $57.  


The Good Tidings Trimmings Kit contains:
  • Silver Glitter Tape ($3)
  • Bronze Foil Tape ($4)
  • Mini Clothespins ($1.20)
  • Dark Indigo Tulle ($3)
  • Sweet Blush Satin Ribbon ($3)
  • True Black Satin Ribbon ($3)
  • Pinfeather Satin Ribbon ($3)
  • Pure Poppy Grosgrain Ribbon ($3)
  • Large Muslin Bag (50-cents)
  • Medium Muslin Bags ($1)
  • Small Muslin Bags (50-cents)
  • Pinfeather Embroidery Floss ($2.50)
  • Pure Poppy Embroidery Floss ($2.50)
  • 10mm Jump Rings (80-cents)
The total retail cost of the kit is $34.  


It has been so hard keeping all of these details 'under wraps' for the last few weeks--and, of course, I was itching to use everything in the kits while I was patiently waiting to receive all the supplies.  It's the time of year when I can spend hours in the store drooling over wrapping papers, bows, ribbons, tape, and gift bags--but it gets a bit overwhelming sometimes.  On top of wrapping supplies, you still have to buy all the gifts, too!  So after you've spent hours battling crowds to get the 'It' present of the current year, you still have to go from store to store looking for the gift wrap, crossing your fingers that it hasn't all been picked over and all that's left are a few bags of smushed paper bows and a packet of stick on labels that is probably left over from 8 years ago.  And when you get your smushy bows and outdated labels home, well, then you need to wrap everything and try really hard to make it look like you made an effort.


That's not happening to you this year!  We here at Papertrey Ink have you covered with a kit that saves you from going to multiple stores, and saves you from wondering what tags go with which ribbons, and saves you from being a giant stress ball of wrapping paper!  This year, gift wrapping will be a breeze, thanks to the easy to use, coordinating products in the Paper & Package line.  The Good Tidings Main and Trimmings kits set you up with your wrapping essentials--tags, ribbon, tape, and clips, plus the stamps, dies, a gift card holder die, and no-fuss sticker labels.  There are extra dies you can add to your purchase for making more tags and good-looking (not smushed) bows.


Not to mention the BONUS printable that you can download to make as many 3x4 cards as you'd like--use them on ALL of your gifts this year if that works well for you.  I very much wanted to create a cohesive kit with many components that anyone can use.  You don't have to be an amazing gift wrapped to get the most from the kit--you don't even have to be good at all (but I bet you are ;).


I know that when I share my packaging and gift wraps, they're covered in layers of papers, textures, and embellishments.  Please notice how simply, yet elegantly, wrapped my gifts are today.  Most have a ribbon and a tag, maybe one or two other additions, but my goal when introducing this kit to you, was not to intimidate you with gifts that look like they took an hour to wrap.  Few of us have the luxury for 1 GPH (gift per hour) on the best of days, let alone when we have bags of presents waiting to be covered.


Instead, I really wanted you to see the contents of the kit, to see some of my samples, to see the products in use, and realize that you can whip up several packages in an hour with the kit.

  • Use a pre-made tag or two when you're short on time and need something quick.  Have a little more time or just NEED to break out the stamps and dies?   Go for it with the P&P Essential Tags 1 dies, the included paper stocks, and, of course, the versatile Good Tidings stamp set.
  • The stamps offer large and small sentiments to fit any size tag.
  • The gift card holder can be completed in a pinch, or you can take your time and add the thoughtful, personal touch of hand-stitching.
  • Use the muslin bags for smaller items like jewelry or stationery; add a tag, tie closed, and the gift is wrapped!

There are so many possibilities with the Good Tidings kits and Essential Dies--many more than I have time to share today, but I'll be back on December 6th with a chatty post (and maybe a quick video?!), and I'll be sharing a few ideas intermittently on my own blog, so be sure to check back here over the next couple of weeks for more Good Tidings wrapping!  ***Also, very soon I'll be sharing video tutorials on assembling both the gift card holder and the large and small bows!  They will be posted here, as well as on the Papertrey Ink YouTube channel for quick reference.***  And be sure to order your kits so you can play along with me!  I wish you a holiday free from gift-wrapping stress!



  1. Eeeeekkkkk!!! I'm so proud of you!!! This kit is FANTASTIC!!! Guess what's going in my cart tonight?!?!?!?

    1. Thank you, Rae!!! This is a dream come true, and I so appreciate all of your sweet comments, encouraging words, and unmatched enthusiasm along the way. I carry a heavy load of self-doubt on my shoulders and somehow, you have a way of knowing when it's at it's worst. There you are, with a high-five. I can't say enough how awesome you are. Sending you millions of virtual hugs! xoxoxoxoxo

  2. What a beautiful Kit, Rebecca! The packaging supplies are so lovely and will make such an impression on the recipients.

    1. Thank you, Helen! I tried to pick and design products that I myself would want to use and I want to make it fun to gift wrap. As crafters, we're way more excited to make the cards and wrap the gifts when we love the products we're working with. Thank you so much for commenting :) xoxo

  3. I am super excited for this kit. I just bought your Pinkfresh kit and class, too. Yippee Skippy!🎉

    1. Oh, boy, you are ready to roll up your sleeves and dig right into WRAPPING, aren't you, Amy?! I LOVE to hear that!! I hope you enjoy both of your kits, as well as the class. If you share any of your projects socially, tag me--I'd love to see what you create :) xoxo


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