the valentine's day gift wrap kit is here!

Hello, friends!  It's here, it's here!  If you love Valentine's Day, I think you will also love this kit!  I was just saying today on Instagram that I'm always hesitant to design for Valentine's Day.  I'm not sure why that is, but it happens every year.  This year, however, I decided (kind of at the last minute) that I would create a gift wrap kit.  And once I started coming up with the ideas, I ended up making so many things that I had to break it into TWO kits!

Dividing it up pushed me back a bit, though, so I'm sharing the first one here, and I hope to release the second one over the weekend.

When designing a themed kit, especially one that is holiday-specific, I still like to keep it somewhat versatile.  There are a few Valentine-centric items in here, but really, the rest can be used for just about anything, and during any time of the year.  We all love blush pink and gold, and while red is sometimes a more difficult color to incorporate into projects (at least for me) outside of Valentine's Day, patriotic holidays, and Christmas, I tried to use it as more of an accent here than the star of the show.  And for something a little different, I added a few hints of lavender and peach. 

FYI: The 2nd kit is all about the peach and the lavender and the gold--and a hint of the blush pink.  Because I started off making only one kit, everything in the second kit complements this one so well!  You can expect to see a special discounted price if you purchase them both ;)

There are so many lovely things here...I made tassels, I made tags, I made yarn pom-poms.  I put a fringe bow on a muslin bag. I ruffled crepe paper on tags.  I made you an envelope of confetti.  I wound soft fuzzy yarn around paper tags.  I glittered wood tags and clothespins.

It's funny that a kit I had reservations about creating is one I can't wait to use!  You can bet I'll be making all kinds of pretty valentines with it.  And not just valentines--whatever I have left after February 14th will definitely find a spot on non-valentine packages.  Pink, peach, gold, lavender...they'll work just fine for everything Easter and spring!

A good packaging kit should have a decent amount of packages, don't you agree?  That's why I've included the muslin bags, as well as some decorative glassine bags.  Also, if you've never owned one of my kits, you should know that items are packaged in even more glassine bags and envelopes!  Not to mention that these kits are contained in a 6" x 8" muslin bag that comes to you like a gift: it's packaged with tags and trims and is ready to keep for yourself or you can give it away (it's basically already wrapped!).

If you have any questions at all about the contents of the kit, please don't hesitate to ask!  You can find it here in my Etsy shop.  They are ready to ship so go get yours now!

And when you get yours, I ALWAYS, ALWAYS love to see what you get up to with it, so be sure to share!