etsy shop update :: valentine's day, pt 1

Love is in the air...

Hello, blog friends! I'm popping in with a few Valentine's Day items that are available in the Etsy Shop.  It's always a strange transition going from the Christmas holiday right into Valentine's Day, but here we are!

Gorgeous glittery clothespins come in red or blush-pink.  Use them in your home decor--hang up your hearts or photos of your loves.  Use them on gifts, treats or party favors--clip your bags closed or attach a tag.  Anything goes!

There are also a couple of pink-themed gift wrap / embellishment / paper kits with which I think you'll be smitten.  Choose from the main Pink & Gold kit or the add-on Pink + Gold + Beet (purple).  (Or get both! They play so nicely together :)

While they are not Valentine's Day specific, they offer enough sweetness to get the job done.  Both feature lots of tags, trims, and embellishments like tassels, bows, doilies, feathers, and cupcake liners.

Glitter + pink + bows + hearts + gold = LOVE!

But if you are really set on Valentine-specific, check back on Wednesday, January 25th.  I'll be releasing a Limited Edition Valentine's Day kit and you'll be able to see the entire rundown right here!

Available later today...This gorgeous set of layered tags!

Make that TWO gorgeous sets of layered tags!

There are a few more Happy Heart's Day items coming by the end of next week, like the aforementioned Valentine's Day kit.  I'd love to meet you back here on Wednesday, the 25th for the reveal of those.  Join me?

As always, thanks for stopping by the blog!  Have a wonderful Wednesday, friends!
Rebecca xo