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We've slowed things way, way down this summer and I've let go of quite a few commitments and obligations in favor of a slimmed down, laid back schedule.  I've honestly spent very little time 'planning' anything and if you were to take a peek at my weekly planner pages, you'd be very unimpressed!  But that doesn't mean I don't still have to stay organized.  Helping me out with that is my Papertrey Ink Binder Planner and one very simple way of keeping track of the small papers, appointment reminders, and receipts that would otherwise get lost as my family enjoys our blissfully carefree summer days!

While I may not be furiously planning and religiously writing down every single thing I want/need to do these days, I still keep my Moments Inked binder close at hand.  I feel like I've been buried underneath a pile of to-do lists, loose papers, and, well, just random things that need to be kept but I've never been very good about organizing those things.  I'm sure you know the feeling.  Receipts, coupons, appointment cards, keepsakes (tickets, punch cards, gift cards, etc)...they get lost in my purse, they get forgotten in drawers, they get buried under piles of other things.  This has been going on in my life for as long as I can remember and I decided that if I was going to be very lax with our time and obligations this summer, I was going to use some of that free time getting this problem of things under control.

If I created a few pockets to corral them, I could keep them in my planner until I have a chance to sort and file or get rid of them.  To my amazement, this simple system has worked!  I remember to check the coupon pocket before I go out to the store; my receipts are accessible if I need to make a return, and our punch cards and gift cards are handy when we're ready to use them.

I started with these cute bags that I already had.  They measure about 5x7 and I chose colors that were good matches with the PTI shades (Melon Berry, Raspberry Fizz, and Hawaiian Shores).  I purchased the bags awhile back from Paper Mart, but these days, decorative paper bags can be found in a variety of places, both online and in brick and mortar shops.

I used the largest Binder Page die in the set to create the holes in the bags so I could slip them into the back of my planner.  (This size bag is especially nice since it nests into the die almost perfectly.  Only a smidge off the top of the bag ends up getting cut off and discarded.)

Next, I used the Divided Tab die to cut the tabs from white card stock.  I cut a few extras in case I wanted to change or add more pockets in the future.

When you have your tabs, you can label them as you wish.  I didn't have stamps to cover all the subjects I was creating so my labels are simply handwritten (receipts, coupons, plans/appt cards, miscellaneous).  Easy, no fuss; exactly what I want for my summer.

I also tried out using the Divided stamp set, of which I really love the look (more than my handwriting, if I'm honest)--and it can still be accomplished very quickly.  The only problem with that is, as I mentioned, not every category I needed was covered.  If you do this project yourself, this stamp set might be just right for you.

I wanted a simple way of taming the out-of-control small paper bits that has been plaguing me for ...ever... and this quick trick has made a remarkable difference.  Even my purse is less chaotic without all those loose slips of paper in it, and I no longer have to go and hunt down the piece I long as I remember to put the papers into the pockets, that is!  Thanks for stopping by!

Supplies used:

Stamps:  Divided
Ink:  Hawaiian Shores, Raspberry Fizz
Stamper's Select White Card Stock

Other Supplies:
Paper Bags:  Paper Mart

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  1. Terrific idea, Rebecca! I was thinking the same thing when I looked at the receipts on top of the TV. I have plenty of those types of bags and already have the die & stamp. Hope your summer is going well!


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