gossamer blue :: august :: enclosure cards

For most of us, summer is a hustling and bustling time.  It's full of vacations, picnics, reunions, showers, weddings, parties; I could go on.  It's all very well and fun, but most of those things often require a gift, and, if you're on the go all the time with a hectic summer schedule, you may find yourself falling short on time when it comes to wrapping or making cards and tags.

Using this month's Life Pages cards, along with glassine envelopes and a few embellishments, I came up with a basket of gift enclosure cards that should get me through the rest of my summer and maybe even take me into autumn.  It's quick and easy if you want to do it, too!

To make the enclosures, I gathered some of my favorite LP cards and packaged them in glassine.  Depending on the size, I used either an envelope (2x2 / 4x4) or a bag (3x3.75).  {You may need to slightly trim each card.}  Mostly, the cards speak for themselves and sometimes there's room to compose a short message.  If not, I'll insert a blank card behind it with my hand-written well wishes.

The possibilities are simple but endless when you stick to a few simple components:
1. glassine bag/envelope
2. Life Pages card
3. embellishments--tags, stickers, fabric, washi tape, die cuts
4. clothespin for secure closure
So easy!

I generally let the LP cards do most of the work...my favorites are the ones with minimal but striking graphics, like this 'Shine, shine, shine' sentiment.  The color is gorgeous and I love the typography so it was easy to slip it into a glassine bag and allow the message to show through (albeit, the bags are less transparent than the envelopes).  A strip of bright yellow fabric and clothespin from my personal collection paired with the pink and orange tag from the Bits & Pieces kit makes for a warm greeting.  And may I tell you how much I love that this month featured rolls of washi tape in some of the kits?  I don't think I'm alone in my washi compulsion.  It goes so well with this little ensemble so I used a piece to help secure my bag closed.

Another set...this one completely different but just as summery with that yummy pink ice cream! There are so many patterns at play here, and even the type in the ice cream scoop creates a pattern, which is brilliant!  For this card, I also added a transparent photo sticker from the LP Themed Add-on kit--'chill out'--for an extra detail.

I travelled back east in July where my family lives and we spent a couple of days at the lake with them. I wish I had had this card to give to my cousin; we have countless memories from childhood summers spent at our grandparents' house on the lake...running around in flip flops (or maybe just bare feet), in and out of the water, collecting shells.  We've tried to re-create some of those days for our own children in the last few years.  I might just end up sending this one to her.

Here is a good one for a reunion with an old friend...but, it's also just right for a wedding!  Simply remove the 'YOU + ME' tag and you're all set!

I have enough LP cards and embellishments to tackle every season with a project like this.  And if we think summer is a busy time, wait until we're in the midst of the holidays, right?  I think I'll be really happy to have something like this ready-made when it comes to surprise get-togethers and last minute gifts.