thankful gifts + fall florals

Me again!  I'm popping in very, very quickly tonight to share some photos of a recent gift set I made for the Crate Paper blog.  I discovered that working with fresh flowers is a dream!  They are so vibrant and I think they made for some very pretty photos.  You can read all the fine print details here on the Crate post.  I'd be so happy if you left me some bloggie love over there, too :)

My projects center around giving and being thankful--they are humble gifts to bring to the hostess of the next party you attend, your child's teacher or a helpful civil servant (like my sweet friend Kay at the Post Office).  Simple and thoughtful things to extend your appreciation.

See?  The colors are amazing!

 This next jar is a sewing kit I put together for my sister.  I have a few more photos of it that I'll be sharing at another time...I could be accused of being a bit gaga as to how perfectly this kit is coordinated.  (Guilty.)

It was really fun to put together and full of several "a-ha" moments!  I mixed some vintage supplies that belonged to our grandmother with some Open Book embellishments to create a sweet ensemble.  The family pieces include the scissors, tape measure, thread spools, and the pretty rose card that houses needles (that was great find!).

Baking goods in a jar...that idea has been around forever, but this is my take on the presentation...

Well, I know I'm not too chatty tonight, but if these photos don't speak for themselves, again, you can dig deeper over on the CP blog.  I'll be back this weekend with the Gossamer Blue Inspiration Blog Hop!  See you then!


  1. Oh my goodness this post id fabulous Rebecca, I lOVE it!!!


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