festive friday 38 & 39

Since I'm a bit behind on my Festive Friday posts, I thought I'd give you a bit extra this week.  It is getting to that time of year when I, personally, start to have Christmas projects on the brain.  The holidays are a big time on Etsy and this year I've made a vow to actually be prepared.  Last year, my mother's passing in November left me a bit bewildered during the season.  The year before, my shop was just starting to find it's wings and fly when the holidays started and while I was incredibly thrilled with the success, I was also caught way off-guard.  This year (I hope) will be different.

Honestly, my execution here was not the best.  I'm always playing catch-up and turning in my projects at the last minute and so, in July, I knew August would find me very busy--joining the Gossamer Blue team and returning to FF and Crate Paper after a brief hiatus--so I made all of my cards for FF ahead of time.  It worked well for the first 2 challenges--there were 3 last month.  For the third one, I found I had made a card using the wrong prompt and so I had nothing for last week's post.  Therefore, I really wanted to contribute something for the mid-challenge.  And this was it...

I focused on the branches and wanted something...branchy.  I know that's an absurd explanation but I don't really know what else to say.  I had this very old "peace" die cut card from a long gone Making Memories kit and the holly leaves reminded me of the pine branches in the photo.  I was also looking to create something almost resembling a wreath, but not quite (you know, branchy).  That's how I chose the placement of the glittery sprig and snowflakes.  The doily and the 2 photo frames hold everything together.  And since it may be difficult to tell, this is a package topper!  {Not my best week, I'm well aware!}

You still have until Wednesday to submit an entry (or more) to this week's challenge.  We love stopping by your blogs to see what you've made so be sure to link up!

In the end, I wasn't too sure about the peace topper so I happened to lay a green sprig on a muslin bag.  To take the inspiration photo literally, I placed the wooden "happy holidays" over it and fell in love!  I love it's simplicity and perhaps should have submitted it as my FF contribution instead of the peace thingy, but I just wasn't sure if everyone else would find it's simplicity as endearing as I do.  What do you think?

Now, let's go all the way back to the challenge of August 15th (ffc38).  This was one of my most favorite compositions and I found it incredibly inspiring.  I actually kept all of my black and kraft embellishments out on my desk for the entire month of August, hoping I'd have time to make a second project with them, but alas, it was not meant to be.

I've been attracted to kraft and gold lately, but I also really like black and gold when mixed with a white or a cream so I took my inspiration from the colors here.  The bold black and white stripes caught my eye, as well.

I wanted a lot of textures on this card and got them from lace, glitter, sequins, and distressing the mini cards {from Elle's Studio}.  Like a lot of families, every year at Christmas we made cookies and I think of it every holiday season.  It's a bit tougher to do now with the little ones, but I think this year Mr. Bagubian will be at the age where he'll have fun helping out--and of course, sampling!!  I will definitely be keeping the "treasured tradition" of holiday cookie baking alive and well.

Coming up on the 12th is another FF challenge and it is a gorgeous photograph!  You won't want to miss it!  Thanks for stopping by and do enjoy the rest of your lovely weekend!


  1. sigh
    I love them all. I'm always mesmerized by your work. Perfect amounts of gold & bling!

  2. Gold, black and kraft looks so beautiful together! Love your projects!


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