coral flora gift wrap kit

hi all!  i have FINALLY gotten the chance to put a new gift wrap kit together for my Etsy shop.  i love coming up with these but when a lot of the items in it are handmade, they can be pretty time-consuming.  not everything here is handmade, of course, but a good chunk of it is.  this kit focuses heavily on florals and butterflies, with a coral, gold, and red color scheme.

i was greatly inspired by an old Daisy D's patterned paper; maybe you recognize it--i made this envelope out of it, and part of the butterfly garland.  i still think it's beautiful and wish i had hoarded a few more sheets of it way back when!

there are several gold accents here, which i think goes beautifully with the coral and red.  for this kit, i made a few different note cards and envelopes to make it versatile.  you can wrap up your gift and then choose one of the correspondence sets to pair with it.

i used gold rub ons from Pebbles to create simple flat cards and while i have them paired up with matching envelopes, they can be mixed up or used separately.  

here's a little sample if you want to dress up the outside...

this kit is full of fun stuff!  transparencies and crocheted flowers (i did NOT make those, though i really wish i knew how), fun tags, glassine bags, doilies, cabochons, gold glitter clothespins...

and it wouldn't be complete if it didn't come all packed up tidily in a muslin bag with a few more matching tags.

this is what i created with some of these lovely items...

i only have a few of these so if you like it, you'd better get yours now!