i love you, mom

Happy belated Mother's Day!  did everyone have a nice day?  our shopping trip last Saturday was a success and Sunday was nice, too.  my mom passed away about 6 months ago so this was my first Mother's Day without her, but i got through it okay.  i'm kind of glad it's over, though, honestly.  we received some not-so-good news late last week, too, which didn't help.  we don't have a lot of information right now so i'll wait to say more when i know more...but i wouldn't mind a few thoughts and prayers for my family if you've got them :)

it was somewhat strange, and a little sad, to be making Mother's Day cards this year.  my mom is always my first thought on this day and even though she isn't with us anymore, she was still very much on my mind when i was making these cards.  i do have other "moms" in my life, luckily, so these cards will still find a nice home.

this card was made from Crate Paper's Styleboard and i used Oh, Darling on the first one.  each card features bold floral pieces and sweet sentiments.  as i said, my mom still inspires me and she loved to spend time in her garden, especially at this time of year.

last week, my dad sent me a photo of some tulips that were blooming in her garden.  i know he hasn't really felt like getting outside much or taking care of her flowers.  i think it's too difficult for him to do at this point, since the garden is such a tremendous reminder of her.  other years, in the spring, he would be out there helping her, and i think that's why he really can't do it now.  but he sent me a picture of her lovely flowers and i told him that she made them happen...wherever she is, she's alive in her garden.  and i think that's true.

on another note, it's been a difficult few days in my hometown of Penn Yan, NY.  on the night of May 13th, they were hit with a tremendous storm that caused flash flooding and severe damage to many homes, roads, and businesses.  the awful thing is that so many people lost a lot.  the good thing is that no one was hurt.  the wonderful thing is that it's a small town and a tight knit community.  people have been tirelessly working to help their neighbors dig out from the mud and clean up their homes.  people are going door-to-door delivering food, water, and cleaning supplies to those who have been affected.  when i look at pictures of the damage, it's surreal and sad to think it's the same beautiful place where i grew up because it looks so different.  but i am incredibly proud to come from a place where everyone pulls together to help each other after a time like this.  it is a truly wonderful thing to see in the midst of such devastation.

here is a link to photos of the damage...it doesn't seem possible that this picturesque little town is the setting for this disaster...but again, we cannot be thankful enough that no one was seriously hurt. 

take care of yourselves, folks, and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Your cards are wonderful, so pretty and I always love your details. I can imagine that this one was a tough one for you...Father's Day is like that for me. Hang in there...thanks for all of your inspiration!

    1. Thank you, Amy! I'll keep you in my thoughts on Father's Day :)

  2. Oh my gosh, Rebecca! You are from Penn Yan?? We were just there visiting Abandon Brewing! I am from Rochester, and Nick and I went back last week to visit family in the region. We were so excited to check out the brewery and did go, but the devastation was incredible! It was the first bit of news we received the morning after we flew in when we were watching the local news in the hotel room! We took some backroads to get there trying to avoid the town center, and even those were washed out in places. I used to go to Keuka when I was little to my aunt's cottage. Typically we visit Ithaca when we are home, as I went to school at Ithaca College and did coursework at Cornell. Upstate NY in general is very much struggling to be relevant in a new time that has left most of those towns behind. It is such a stark contrast to life in the Pacific NW, Seattle, or where you are living, California! I really loved your post, your tribute to your mom-- so sorry for the recent loss. I hope other matters you mentioned in your post are working out in a positive way. Thanks for stopping by my website a few week's back. It has been mighty quiet over there given traveling and immense workload the past 3 weeks. I am trying to catch up now with all my crafty friends in the blogging world. Would love to hear how things are working out for you and your family. My thoughts are with you fellow upstate New Yorker!!! xo Kate


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