ready, set, confetti!

hi, all!  over on the Crate Paper blog today i have a post all about mini cards and confetti.  when i was making my little notes, i ran short on time and didn't get this set completed to make it into the post over there.  so i thought that instead of sharing the same exact post in it's entirety here, i'd show you this set, plus some snippets of the others.  for full details, you can view the entire Crate post here.

i used Oh, Darling for all of my cards (11 in total).  i love the vibrant colors in the collection--especially that bright and cheery yellow!  i've been hooked on pale pink for so long now, too, that it was a nice change to use the darker shade for these cards.   

i also added a bit of packaging for each mini set (not shown in the Crate post)--a small spool of coordinating washi tape and a glassine bag for holding each card.  it all comes packaged in a muslin bag with a simple tag and an envelope of confetti mini punches (butterflies, in this case).  packaging them up makes them instantly giftable, too! 

i made the next set using the larger ephemera pieces as the base for each card.  the whole Oh, Darling line is geared toward little girls so it's full of sweetness--bows, hearts, flowers, and sweet sayings.

the last set uses a confetti package that differs slightly from the others i've been using, and i shared a brief tutorial on how i made it...

first, gather your goods...there's something about glassine bags that makes me swoon--i don't know if it's the crinkly sound they make when you open them, the soft transparency of them, or the fact that they come in tiny sizes, making them just about as adorable as they can possibly be.  for whatever reason, glassine bags/envelopes are what i like to put my confetti mix into.

next, ANYTHING minuscule!  for these projects, i used sequins, beads, tinsel glitter, and tiny wood hearts--and i do mean itty-bitty!  the hearts are made by Studio Calico and are just darling (and yes, i've hoarded a few packs of them)!

don’t fill your envelope too full.  most of the time, i like the stuff inside to move around a little, so i don't pack them to the brim.  for the fold overs, though, there isn't much room left (after the fold) for movement, so less really is better.

close the flap just as you normally would on the back of the envelope.  1/3 from the top, fold the envelope itself the opposite way.  including the flap, it'll be a small accordion fold.

stitch your folded piece to the envelope and you have a cute pocket...

...for a lovely butterfly...

there were 2 more minis that i made for the project, which you can see in the Crate post, and you can read the full narrative there, too.  if you have any questions, though, i'm happy to answer them :)  i've got my dad visiting this week so i must be going.  wishing you a lovely Wednesday!


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