festive friday {ffc26 - chocolate cookies & holly}

happy Saturday, everyone!  i'm very happy that the weekend is upon us, how about you?  i've been a little under the weather for a few days and i'm hoping not to pass my coughs and sniffles onto the kids as we have a big week ahead.

yesterday was a festive friday and that means i have a card for you.  almost all of the supplies are from Crate's Bundled Up--which i barely used at Christmastime so i've happily left it within reach for some future FF makings.

doesn't this photo make your sweet tooth tingle?!  these cookies look delish (as my Grandma Peg would say) and i found myself drawing on the frosted holly leaves and berries for my card.

the itty bitty holly leaf stamp is from norajane--she offers all kinds of adorable little stamps in her shop.  you know i love anything itty bitty!

if you'd like to play along with the FF challenge this week, head on over to the blog for details and inspiration!

in other news...i've become a bit bored with the look of this blog.  as a member of the FF and CP design teams, i've recently been spending a lot more time browsing around online and i've seen so many gorgeous photos and blog layouts that have inspired me to start making changes.  i think it will be a gradual change--and won't affect you, the reader, at all, except to hopefully make thurstonpost a better place to spend a few minutes of your time!

in other news, i've been adding a few things to the Etsy shop, like these lovelies.  i've also been messing around with photography a lot.  sometimes it's been a great experience and other times, i want to chuck everything--camera, laptop, the whole 9 yards--into the dumpster because it's so aggravating--not to mention time-consuming!

Miss Anemone is turning 1 this week--and that's so hard to believe.  my sister is coming for a visit and arrives on her birthday, so i can't wait for that!  then we're headed to Vegas for the weekend...so yeah, it's about to get a little nuts around here, but it's the good kind of nuts!

lastly, my sweet Mr. Bagubian has turned into a turd!  i'm not sure what's up with him, but on Tuesday he put 4 remote controls, 2 blouses, 1 potholder, and a fast food ad in the toilet--all at the same time!  the next day, he loaded it up with his pants (which he took off of his body to put in), a full tube of toothpaste, a half-used roll of toilet paper and an empty one, some trash, and a plastic tissue box holder.  oh, and also on Tuesday, he threw dirt on Nemy and his grandmother, and then locked them out of the house!  he's usually a very nice boy...


  1. Your card is so pretty, Rebecca!! What a wonderful take on the sugary sweet inspiration photo! I'm sorry, but I had to laugh at Mr. B being a turd since his name is Gus and he was being a turd, you do realize that you end up with Gustard, don't you, which karacked me up!

    Are you potty training? I remember when we made such a big deal with our son about his poops in the toilet, clapping when we flushed him away, so he naturally thought we might be delighted to see other things being flushed away, too!!

    Enjoy all these phases, my dear. One of these days you'll turn around and he'll be 35!! Hugs, Darnell

  2. super PRETTY projects!

    Oh my goodness...hang in there.

  3. I love this pretty frame and that tiny tag! Never a dull moment!


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